Bermuda. Photo courtesy ArvidO via Pixabay.

With summer comes the beach-side getaways some lucky students can afford. While popular places include the Bahamas and coastal Mexico, avoid the equally popular Bermuda islands. Many people in the territory are homophobic, the cost of traveling there is expensive and Bermuda overall is not worth your business.

In May 2017, Bermuda’s supreme court ruled in favor of gay-marriage, a major step in the country’s LGBTQ equality. However, Bermuda Governor John Rankin reversed the decision in early February 2018, reinstating the belief that marriage should be between men and women and effectively taking a step back for civil rights (which eerily echos the political choreography of the United States.)

Now it is once again illegal for LGBTQ Bermudians to get married. Even when they were allowed that privilege, queer folk on the small island faced harsh homophobia, according to Rod Ferguson, a gay man fighting to reverse Rankin’s same-sex marriage reversal.

And yet, Bermuda remains one of the most popular destinations for vacationers seeking good beaches, food and local sites. However, LGBTQ students from the University of Georgia hoping for a beach vacation should mostly avoid Bermuda in that regard, especially if they go with partners or other people who don’t look straight. While there has been very little threat of physical violence, clear anti-gay sentiments permeate throughout local communities.

In addition to that, buying anything in Bermuda is ridiculously expensive. Bermuda has one of the highest standards of living in the world (three times as much as the U.S.) mostly because of the high duties and importation costs for most of the goods on the island. An inexpensive meal at a restaurant would cost around $30, and hotels aren’t cheap either. While students could find cheaper ways to vacation on the island such as through couch surfing and cooking, it would still be costly to travel to Bermuda.

Both the economic and human right reasons should be enough for students to skip Bermuda this summer. There are thousands of other places to spend the vacation. Wherever students decide, it shouldn’t be a place whose repeal of gay marriage set a world first for homophobia across the world.

Even U.S citizens should protest the egregious step backwards for human rights, or at the very least the cruel repeal of hope for gay couples who wanted to get married in Bermuda. While it might not be the most convenient to march a protest in Bermuda, U.S citizens can vote with their dollars. Students especially should save money and skip homophobic Bermuda.

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Aside from Bermuda's non acceptance of gay rights...Everything on the island is very expensive. In my opinion, the pink tinged sand and turquoise water is pretty, but that is about all I found to be memorable. You cannot rent a car, the mopeds are very dangerous, and the bus system is expensive and slow. I checked this island off my bucket list, with no desire to return. There are certainly other destinations that are cheaper and LGBTQ accepting.


Heyas Mariah,
Whilst I understand where you are coming from, as a bisexual young adult living in Bermuda, articles like this do more harm to the LGBT community than the straights. I absolutely hate how the current government did something as stupid as repeal something that does not affect them in the slightest when all they ever talk about is lifting people up and pushing past racism and the establishment.


I hope the author of this piece realizes that they are living in a bubble regarding gay rights. Outside of the North America and Western Europe, gays have effectively zero actual rights. It means nothing if they have legal rights, but are prevented by the society they live in for exercising them thrugh acts such as intimidation or murder while the government stands by.

If you could, please clarify something for me: Is gay marriage a right or is it a privilege? You state that "while Bermudians enjoyed the privilege....," then go on to later call marriage a "human right." Which one is it?


This article has no legitament argument. Why not fight the fire with facts rather than opinion? That's right...there are no facts. Only wildly speculative opinions that make me want book a trip to Burmuda and enjoy my heterosexual lifestyle haha.

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