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The economy is exceptionally strong right now, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is excelling. While fresh out of college or still in school, millennials may struggle to find jobs for which they qualify. Further, where millenials live could affect their job prospects. According to a study …

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Gov. Brian Kemp has until Jan. 21 to give written support for refugee resettlement in Georgia. Not doing so would be a moral stain on Georgia politics and damage the Georgia economy.

Though a wonderful time of the year, the holidays can inflict serious damage on the environment. Thankfully, there are easy ways to celebrate more sustainably without having to miss out on any of the festivities.

Sometimes, all someone struggling with mental health needs is someone who will listen to them. Taking the time to hear what another person is saying can make a huge difference to them.

The Federal Trade Commission's unclear guidelines for which YouTube videos to mark as directed for children could severely hurt YouTubers' ability to earn money off of their channels.