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Imagine for one second that after graduating from the University of Georgia you decided to join the Armed Forces. Shortly after, you find yourself thousands of miles away from home and your loved ones in a country you don’t know or understand. Then on what seems like a routine patrol drive w…

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Data analytics is becoming a vital skill in today's workforce. UGA needs to make sure its students are equipped with the analytical knowledge necessary to compete in the evolving workplace.

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Football games are a chance for the entire UGA community to rally around the team. However, Sanford Stadium lacks seating that meets the needs for handicapped fans, hurting their ability to enjoy the game.

The Georgia Department of Transportation is taking public input on options to build a railway between Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina. One of the proposed lines goes through Athens, which would greatly help students and reduce traffic.

Campus carry legislation still provokes intense debate on whether it makes campuses safer or more dangerous. However, Georgia can improve the law and make it safer by requiring those interested in carrying guns on campus to complete gun safety training.