Same shirt satire cartoon

It started with arguments over the size of the shirt.

“We gotta get the smallest shirt possible!” several students wearing Ronald Reagan paraphernalia said. “Big shirts suck!” several others said, thus turning the point of the conversation as to how to accomplish that physically impossible goal.

“How about we just get the government to give them shirts?” asked several others. This marks a pause in the conversation as student waited for a shirt to fall from sky, but students finally decided to shove the animals into something Harry Dawg shot into the crowd at the last UGA home football game.

After much forcing, several non-fatal tramplings, repeated name-calling and illegal campaigning to “Make America Garmented Again,” the students succeeded in shoving a live donkey and elephant into the same shirt.

According to eyewitnesses, the shirt was called the “time out” shirt. If it doesn’t work, they said, the donkey and elephant then will be forced to slow dance to “Amazing Grace” until civil solutions are met.

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