Donna J. Trump speaks to people outside of the Classic Center in Athens, Georgia, before Turning Point USA's Campus Clash event on Tuesday, Oct. 9, 2018. "I'm the president's worst nightmare and his wildest dream," she said. "I'm the woman Donald Trump needs. I’m going to go in, I’m going to see about this Turning Point USA... it’s going to be very interesting, I’m sure.” (Photo/Rebecca Wright)

The number of officers at the Classic Center on Oct. 9 made sure the only daggers flying were from the eyes of supporters to protesters. However, no amount of police could stop Turning Point USA from unleashing partisan pandemonium in downtown Athens.

The conservative wet dream team of Charlie Kirk, Candace Owens, Kimberly Guilfoyle and Donald Trump Jr. filled the Classic Center for the organization’s “Campus Clash” event.  

From my first-hand account, here’s what you missed from the protest that, naturally, occurred outside:

1) The liberal protesters outside the Classic Center holding up their violent signs of “Ugh” and “Yuck.”

2) Gaggles of MAGA hat wearers looking at the liberal protesters with a glint in their eye, trembling at the slightest opportunity to melt snowflakes.

3) An almost-fight between conservative MAGA hat wearer and liberal sign holder. A collective sigh from the crowd when no one actually threw the first punch. People disappointedly putting their cell phone cameras away.

4) An oh-so cheeky comment from one Trump supporter about burying the body of a protester. You know, in the spirit of good ol’ fashion camaraderie, of course.

5) A Donald Trump female impersonator, Donna J. Trump. Protesters were greeted with “Happy to see me” behind two closed eyes, an orange painted face, a purple “Make America Grape Again” hat and a handshake that could rip the shoulder off your back.

While waiting for the speakers to enter the stage, red dots of MAGA hats stippled the crowd. A block of black-shirted students sit toward the middle section of the main house, multi-colored fists clenched by their sides. Black Power electrified the copious liberal students, the ideological opposition palpable.

TPUSA at UGA president Erin Cooke nervously finished her introductions and the stars walked on, basking in their applause like lizards in a sunbeam. Kirk entered with his “I’m hip with the kids” sneakers and jeans. Trump Jr. checked if his hair was properly slicked back, blinding attendees on the balcony level. Owens stared into the crowd confidently and Guilfoyle adjusted her blazer. They were ready for the fun to begin.

Owens immediately called out the black-shirted protesters, asking them to leave since they didn’t want to be there. Cacophonous boos and jeering from both sides filled the theater. No one leaves, but the crowd’s collective blood pressure rose.

The smell of fecal matter wafted through the air as all four speakers defecated on liberal ideology, leftism and previous efforts from the Democrats for about an hour.

“The Democrats and the liberals want to make you dependent on them,” Guilfoyle said. “There’s no opportunity or ideas to try to stimulate growth or to have jobs, they’re trying to continue the welfare state.”

Trump Jr. agreed.

“The Left needs people to be led,” Trump Jr. said.

Amidst cheers or boos, the speakers never failed to cram their conservative wedge further down the mile-long partisan gap. With such a strong “us vs. them” and the “winner-loser” mentality, you’d think it was a Saturday in Athens.

Having been dead for about two years, Political and Ideological Compromise turned over in its grave like a rotisserie chicken. Actually Listening to the Other Side sits dormant behind the spectacle of the “Campus Clash,” waiting to be seen again.

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Haha! This was a great read. It reads like a satire piece, which I'm almost positive it is.

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