Time to get superficial, because let's face it, when it comes to physical attraction we all have our weaknesses.

For instance, he only likes them tall, while that guy only dates the wind swept brunettes. She goes after the shaggy blondes, but that girl can't get enough of the ultimate six-pack.

Ever find yourself constantly gravitating towards that adorable red head at the end of the bar?

Well, maybe that's just me because I have a superficial weakness towards red heads - once I set my eyes on them, every other guy just fades away.

It is only after I get past the red hair that I move on to seeing if he has an amazing sense of humor, a natural ease at witty banter and an endearing passion.

What about all the other guys I may be missing out on due to my tunnel-vision fixation on red heads? How many times have I blocked out the love of my life?

OK, so that is a bit extreme, but the point is that I have been stuck in my ways and I am ready to broaden my horizons - or should I say my preference in hair color.

Many of us are drawn to people who come from our same side of the tracks because we think they'll validate our own values and share our same interests and opinions. But sometimes what you see outside does not always line up with their innate attractiveness.

It's natural for people to fixate on certain aspects of their target attraction - for example, the oh-so-common big boobs, great butt, nice biceps or muscular legs. But eventually, physical appearance will not be the most dominating force, and limiting yourself to someone just because they complete your physical checklist is a relationship doomed to failure.

It is not to say that the girl with the mysterious eyes should be passed up, but if the girl next to her with the goofy laugh makes you smile more, then maybe you should give her a shot. Rumor has it that laughter is one of the greatest aphrodisiacs . and the cheapest.

Superficial attraction is best interpreted as sexual attraction and what often gets slid under the rug is emotional chemistry.

A true connection is kind of like when you hear your favorite song - the sexual attraction writes the instrumental, but the emotional attraction writes the words. And after that, you just want to play it over and over again.

Maybe the reason you go after the same kind of people is because you have a lack of confidence around those that look physically different than what you are used to dating, therefore hindering your ability to be yourself.

"It is important to internally summon up the attitude you're trying to project," said John Neffinger, a political consultant who specializes in nonverbal behavior. "Think about what you felt the last time you truly felt confident."

And then use this confidence to propel you forward into a new kind of attraction.

So I am here to challenge you, my fellow bulldogs, tonight, go after the extreme opposite of what you are used to - pick a lemon instead of a peach, eat cotton candy instead of a spicy burrito, or order a beer instead of wine.

You may be surprised where the new flavor may take you.

- Kori Price is a senior from Glenns Ferry, Idaho majoring in newspapers.

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