Stop it right now: Don’t blame women for rape or sexual harassment — blame the offenders.

Courtney Holbrook

Women have a lot to deal with.

Since women realized they could do more than pop out children, they’ve struggled for equality. They’ve fought against sexism and harassment, age discrimination and “family values.”

Of course, it’s all finished now. Women are completely equal and carefree. Right?


Apparently, clothing and the “actions” of women are the new issues. Women aren’t dressing “appropriately” and they’re drinking too much.

We hear these ideas all the time — most recently in the case of TV Azteca football reporter Ines Sainz and the rapes in Athens.

This needs to change — immediately.

Women head downtown in tank tops and short skirts, made up and ready to enjoy themselves. They drink and laugh and keep up with the boys.

They dress up because it makes them feel good about themselves. They drink because it’s fun. Their clothing and drinking are not invitations to be raped or sexually harassed.

You can argue that women are not exercising “sound judgment.” Or you can wake up and recognize that rapists and juvenile men deserve the reprimands. This  is about power, not sex.

It’s their fault — always.

It’s time to stop attacking the victims, and start punishing the perverts and criminals.

It’s time to stop blaming women.

— Courtney Holbrook for the editorial board

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