With finals starting May 5, many students are scrambling to ensure their final grade stays consistent during exams, whether that involves studying for hours on end, taking care of their mental health, or just drinking coffee. Especially as classes operate to their full capacity and rigor as the university begins to emerge from the pandemic, some students are met with stressors that they haven’t faced in quite some time. 

Students were asked how they feel about finals, what they do to avoid burnout and stress, and what resources the University of Georgia offers that they have taken advantage of. 


Linda Nwosu | senior biology and biochemistry and molecular biology major

“I feel okay about finals ... I just want to graduate at this point. I am taking more time to myself and trying to take more breaks. I am realizing that everything I’ve done so far has gotten me to this point, so whatever happens I should be OK. Finding stress relievers on campus has been helpful. Housing programs that are centered around mental health and well-being have helped me throughout the years.”

Tyler Gleichweit | sophomore resource management and sustainability major

“Obviously I feel stressed. Not as nearly as bad as past semesters. I’ve been preparing more. I’ve gotten more experience on how to prepare for finals, so I am feeling more confident going into them than previous years but still stressed out. It’s a lot of pressure. Working out helps a lot. Trying to stay on top of it and devoting more time to actively studying and preparing helps me feel not nearly as stressed as when I’m putting it off and procrastinating.”

Hy Do | sophomore genetics major

“My weekends are just taken up with studying at the moment. I am trying to space myself out. Generally I study for two hours, take a walk, study for two hours, get water, study for two hours, then stop studying. Sleeping well is really beneficial. Try not to go to bed at 3 a.m. and then wake up at 8 a.m. and repeat because it’s been proven you’re not going to remember everything. Having a consistent sleep schedule during exam seasons helps your mental health a lot. I would really want UGA to have more study space in the MLC [Zell B. Miller Learning Center], SLC [Science Learning Center] or the library.”  

Angela Ghimire | sophomore psychology major

“I’m really trying to take more breaks. I know a lot of times I experience burnout because I’m always thinking about my work. I’m always thinking about what I can do next. Even if I have time to relax, I’m thinking what can I be doing with this time? What can I do to be productive? I’m getting out of that mindset and trying to understand that mental health is a priority and remind myself that one grade doesn’t define everything. I like to find a group of peers who are studying the same thing I’m studying so that way everyone is in it together and we’re all striving towards the same goal.”

Bella Daugherty | senior psychology major

“I think I have it overall under control. I’m a little bit worried of course just because I feel like this semester went too quickly for me. Coming off of being online for a year, it’s a bit jarring going right back into in-person finals. I’m drinking a lot of coffee to avoid stress and burnout. I know the DRC [Disability Resource Center] has a lot of stuff they’re offering for finals week. Last semester they had the therapy dogs come in which I liked.”