Electric Bus MOTS

From left to right: Laney Jones, Harrison Meyer, Hanna Zheng, Alexa Espinosa and Marcelo Silva.

The University of Georgia has begun using its electric buses on its Orbit routes and campus tours. The university has eight electric buses currently at its transportation facility and plans to have 33 on campus by 2021, which would be the largest university electric bus fleet in the nation.

Now that the buses have started appeared on campus more frequently, The Red & Black asked UGA students how they feel about the university’s electric bus initiative.

Laney Jones is a sophomore dietetics major.

“I rode [an electric bus] yesterday. I loved it. I like how electric cars drive. I’ve had an electric car for a while, so I’m obviously a supporter of electric vehicles. I think it’s cool that we’re trying to make strides to be more environmentally-friendly, even if there are some issues with electric vehicles … They were really quiet … and super clean."

Harrison Meyer is a senior marketing major.

“I don’t know if I have ridden on one … As of a certain date, they will [have more electric buses than any other university in the country] … I’m all for it. I don’t know if I have ridden in one of the electric buses … I’m assuming I’d like it. I probably wouldn’t be bothered if it gets me from point A to point B.”

Hanna Zheng is a junior marketing major.

“I haven’t been on one myself, but I think I’ve heard things about it. I think it’s a pretty good idea. It’s pretty efficient, and I think it would be good for the environment.”

Alexa Espinosa is a freshman criminal justice major.

“I personally don’t use the buses much because I walk to all my classes, but that sounds like a great idea. I think it might be more efficient.”

Marcelo Silva is a junior international affairs major.

“I think it’s great. Yeah, I think I read … They’re looking to buy more. If that’s the case, great. I think I’ve [ridden] one ... It was no different from a regular bus.”

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