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From left to right: Will Wong, Miriam Zegarac, Sofi Taher, Broderick O’Linn and Ebele Ezenwa.

As the year comes to a close, the search for housing for next school year is starting. Apartment complexes and rental companies are advertising their availability, and University of Georgia students must soon decide where they plan to live. With the process just beginning, The Red & Black asked students how easy they believe it is to find good, affordable housing.

Ebele Ezenwa is a junior cellular biology major.

“It’s actually somewhat difficult. I know because my family, my brother, specifically, couldn’t find housing on campus for this school year, so he had to find housing off campus. And scrambling at the end of the school year when everybody else had already found their off campus housing was really difficult. And, given some of the pricing for better housing, it’s kind of difficult to find a place that’s close enough to the school so you can commute and affordable.”

Will Wong is a sophomore accounting major.

“Right now, I’m looking around … I think Athens is not a really good housing market because everything goes so quick and it’s really hard to find a decently-priced apartment complex close to campus. So, I think, overall, it’s not the best but you can find places.”

Miriam Zegarac is a graduate student in the clinical psychology program.

“It’s more difficult than it should be, especially with the graduate student stipend. If you just have a regular [teaching assistant] shift … it’s hard to find something proportionate to your income. And so, for example, I live with a roommate, and I kind of have to … It just goes by really, really fast, too. Things get just taken really, really fast. It’s almost like another part time job to just search for something and find something that’s going to be comfortable.”

Sofi Taher is a sophomore biological sciences major.

“It’s easy to find good housing. I think you have to do some research to find affordable housing though because, for college students, the most expensive ones are usually the ones that have the most advertising. At least that’s what happened for me.”

Broderick O’Linn is a senior marketing and sport management double major.

“It’s definitely easy. I mean, I rented through CollegeTown Properties and it’s definitely affordable in its location. So I think it’s definitely something that students should be able to find.”

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