SGA Platform MOTS

From left to right: Adanze Nnyagu, Rameez Pirani, Shania Leiba and Dema Mohammad Salih.

The University of Georgia Student Government Association has announced its 2020 executive tickets. Students will have the chance to vote for either the Unite, Forward or Beyond tickets in the election. With the SGA executive campaign now starting in earnest, The Red & Black decided to ask UGA students what they think SGA candidates should do to improve the university.

Adanze Nnyagu is a junior psychology major.

“Helping students to know more about the resources available to them through UGA. I’ve been here for three years, and I can’t say that I know even half of the resources that could have benefited me when I was coming up through freshman year.”

Rameez Pirani is a senior management information systems major.

“I’d love to see platforms address mental health awareness. … I think that is a big topic that I think a lot of students at UGA definitely want [there] to be a focus on. … Another would be just being the voice of the students. And taking initiative to not just listen to them when they’re running … I think I’d love to see forums and meetings [that are] open for discussion. … I think they do that, but I’d wish to see more of it. … Another issue that’s always talked about and is always addressed but I still believe we can do a better job of it is inclusivity. More diverse and multicultural awareness and platforms.”

Shania Leiba is a sophomore biology and psychology double major.

“I feel like they need to help improve the parking around here because I personally live off campus, and I didn’t get to have a parking pass because of the awful parking around here. And it’s been really hard for me, especially to do after school activities. Sometimes I wouldn’t be able to eat dinner because the [Athens-Clarke County Transit] ends early, so I wouldn’t be able to go back home and come back to a required meeting.”

Dema Mohammad Salih is a junior biology major.

“I know some [SGA members] are trying to put more Halal options in the dining halls, and I think that’s a great idea. I think it promotes diversity and is welcoming to all cultures and religions and beliefs.”