At the end of October, the University of Georgia released an email announcing plans to cancel the traditional week of spring break and replace it with three instructional breaks on Feb. 17, March 12, and April 8.

The Red & Black asked students for their thoughts and feelings about these major schedule changes.

Nala McCamy, a sophomore theatre major

“The idea makes sense. We want to be able to safely continue instruction without worrying about any extra spreading of the virus. However, if they are truly to be ‘instructional breaks,’ then professors can’t have things due that day. It’s not really a break if you’re still working. We have one of the longest semesters in the country. The university should be worried about the mental wellbeing of their students just as much as their physical health. Burnout is not cute.”

Quinn Shelt, a junior political science major

“Although it may make sense to some, I personally do not think this is the best choice. There are many benefits to having a full couple days of spring break. Splitting up the days and assigning them to different points in the semester can cause confusion and undue stress for students due to tests or quizzes [students] need to study for over the break, etc. Spring break results in a calming couple of days for students, and I believe there are better ways to achieve whatever goal [UGA is] trying to accomplish by eliminating spring break.”

Varsha Narendra is a graduate student in public health

“For [grad students] the semester starts out chill, and then everything's happening at the same time. Especially after this year, having a spring break plan for a whole week to recharge really helps us and our professors. I mean I know the vast majority of us are looking forward to Thanksgiving break, and even though it's right before winter break, I don't know what I would do without it... so losing spring break is pretty garbage."

Prashant Kolachala is a junior biological sciences major

"I see where the university is coming from, in that they think this will prevent students from traveling and transmitting the virus. However, I honestly think it's pointless to shorten the break, because students will still find a way to travel and do what they want. This can easily be seen through our current semester and how horribly the university handled the whole situation with the virus."

"Us being the number one school [for cases] in the country for some time was both embarrassing and ironic for how much our school talked about safety precautions prior to coming back for the semester. Morehead did a horrible job and too many students were put at risk. As for spring break, I think it's too little, too late. Upper level UGA officials can surely come up with a better plan... I'm glad they're taking some initiative to stop students from going places and spreading and receiving the virus, but I guess I wish they would've done something sooner."