Spring Break MOTS

From left to right: Latia Bell, Namrata Kella, Hammad Siddiqui, Anna Wakeman and Jake Hummel.

Spring break at the University of Georgia is nearly here. The break lasts from March 9-13 and is bookended on either side by a weekend, meaning students will be out of class for nine straight days. This allows students from outside the Athens area time to visit their families, but an extended break could mean that students are more likely to forget what they’ve learned in class. To keep classes on track, professors often schedule tests and projects at the same time.

The Red & Black asked students whether they like the current academic calendar with a long spring break or would prefer a calendar with a few smaller breaks.

Latia Bell is a sophomore psychology major.

“I think the week-long break is necessary so students can see their families, and I think it’s also just to unwind and focus on yourself and mental health and not just be so obsessed with school … Now, the three weeks we got off for Christmas, I don’t know about that one.”

Namrata Kella is a sophomore international affairs major.

“We go on a break for a week every year in the spring. We’ve been doing it since elementary school. And I don’t know if splitting it up would help with content … Maybe more breaks would be nice, but I don’t think getting rid of spring break altogether would be [a good idea] because I think a lot of people would get upset with that.”

Hammad Siddiqui is a sophomore management information systems major.

“I would consider changing [the UGA academic calendar], but I wouldn’t know how to go about doing it … I think we had like two days for Thanksgiving break (UGA’s Thanksgiving break was three days). That was rough for some students because I know they go out of state. As far as spring break goes, I think spring break is pretty solid. I don’t think I’d change anything about it.”

Anna Wakeman is a senior music education major.

“I would prefer to have a week-long break, especially because we didn’t have that in the fall semester … Regardless of whether I’m a music education major or engineer, the schedule is just go, go, go, go. And students just need that week to take a breather.”

Jake Hummel is a freshman intended finance major.

“I like having the week-long break. I do see where you’re coming from, but a break each semester is really good to decompress and reset to fight the next half of the semester.”

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