Climate Change Jan. 2020 MOTS

From left to right: Aakash Arora, Emily Justice, Chaht Kumar and Nikita Shah.

Georgia has experienced unusually warm weather. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, 2019 was the warmest year on record for Georgia. And, with temperatures pushing into the 70s in Athens in the middle of January, it looks like the warm weather could become more normal. Climate change has been a rising issue that some might use to explain the unusual weather in Athens. The Red & Black asked University of Georgia students what they think about this weather and its possible relation to climate change.

Aakash Arora is a freshman cellular biology and economics double major.

“I think that the cycle of weather that’s so irregular is unfortunate ... Whether it’s exactly related to climate change, I’m not 100% sure since I can’t speak on that, but I do think that if we allow our planet to follow the trends that are currently going on, then we are gonna face a really large issue of climate change in twenty or thirty years."

Emily Justice is a junior international affairs major.

“I think it does relate to climate change. I don’t know the science behind it, but I think the amount of storms and extreme weather are not normal."

Chaht Kumar is a sophomore finance and economics double major.

“I feel that it relates to climate change, especially with all the different stuff going on in the world right now, like the Australian bushfires going on ... I think it definitely has some correlation to it. I don’t know if it’s causation, but I do think we need to take more steps to help improve the climate.”

Nikita Shah is a freshman biology major.

“I really think it does relate to climate change because a lot of these changes we see right now, especially how warm it is in the wintertime – that worries me. I know it’s probably attributed to climate change because we’re doing a lot to our environment that we’re not understanding the implications to it."

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