Top left: Kenia Calderon. Top right: Tyler Martin. Bottom left: Jessie Sutko. Bottom middle: Ciney Yang Bottom right: Nyema Graham.

All photos were provided by the respective interview subject.

With Georgia and Athens seeing notable increases in daily cases over the past month, The Red & Black asked University of Georgia students how they felt about holding in-person classes during the fall semester.

Tyler Martin is a junior linguistics and public relations double major.

“I think the mask mandate and social distancing on buses were absolutely necessary. Even with those, I’m still concerned that the university jumped the gun on the decision to bring students back in favor of money.”

Ciney Yang is a sophomore pharmaceutical sciences major.

“For me, I honestly feel hesitant and insecure. UGA is home to many people, I see it as a very dangerous opportunity to get COVID-19 despite the prevention methods provided. Many students have classes that are too far away to walk and limiting the amount of people on the buses will be a hindrance despite the additional time to get to class.”

Jessie Sutko is a junior linguistics major.

“I think it's great that we are required to wear masks on campus now and enforcing social distancing, but I still see other schools administering testing before coming to campus which would be amazing. With downtown still being open and such a huge part of most people’s social lives, there’s no way students will continue social distancing when they’re not on campus if they don't care about getting sick or getting others sick.”

Kenia Calderon is a freshman intended business major.

“I was a little uneasy moving into the dorm with so many people; however, from all the newsletters and articles I've seen about the University of Georgia’s procedures, I think UGA is making the most out of this situation for the best of everyone.”

Nyema Graham is a senior psychology and Spanish double major.

“I miss campus a ton and this is my senior year, but I feel like they’re putting money over safety. I think they’re doing what they can as far as social distancing and cleaning, but honestly I don’t see this going well.”

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