This week's student voices dealt with the RA pay cut. The reviews were overall disapproving. Top: William Walker, Bailey Reese, Varad Dabke. Bottom: Jas Anderson, Wren McDaniel. 

The joys of being a University of Georgia resident assistant includes suspicious smells from the hallway, random fire drills and now a paycheck that is cut in half.

The paychecks for RAs were previously about $400 a month, or $4,483 per academic year. Now, their paychecks will be $200 a month, with 105 meal swipes for UGA dining halls and $110 in Paw Points.

While RAs are not allowed to talk to media, per their University Housing contract, we asked UGA students what they thought about the RA pay cut.

Varad Dabke

The responsibility of an RA is equivalent to a person who has a job. And if it has to do with a student’s mental health, if it has to do with a student feeling welcome on campus ... then the compensation for that responsibility should be equivalent to the level of work. I have a lot of friends who are RAs. I know the kind of work they do. I know how important it is, so if a pay cut is a question of debate, then it shouldn’t happen.”

Varad Dabke is a senior English and international affairs double major.


Jas Anderson

I would see my sister work countless hours, and although she does understand the whole concept of being an RA/CA, how it will require you do things outside of confined clocking-in clocking-out, it’s still kind of a lot. And then to get your check slashed in half and then to be forced — not asked — to be told you’re going to be on a meal plan with no regard to anyone’s dietary anything? Yeah, that’s not fair to me.

Jas Anderson is a junior entertainment media studies major.


Bailey Reese

I feel like it’s less incentive for people in the future. Being that I wanted to be an RA in the coming year, I feel that’s a little discouraging almost. And it makes me question: OK, now, if they’re taking back pay cuts, what are they doing with that money? Where is that going? And it makes me curious about where the rest of it is coming from or going.

Bailey Reese is a freshman English education major.


William Walker

That kind of sucks because you should be able to do what you want with your pay and not just use it for food like they’re specifying it. They took away half your usable income, basically. So I don’t know, it seems a little shifty. 

William Walker is a senior mechanical engineering major. 


Wren McDaniel

This decision is absolutely unfair on Housing’s part and RAs were left powerless due to their contracts barring them from talking to media ... They’re also not allowed to hold other jobs while being an RA, and $200 per month is not a livable stipend. Not to mention how late these changes were announced — Many RAs who won’t sign on for next year due to these changes are now far behind in searching for off-campus housing."

Wren McDaniel is a senior marketing major.

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