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From left to right: Malan Anderson, Maitri Patel, Mac Hoyland, Jimmy Cochran, Shawn Ohuabunwa and Tim Kim.

A new semester is underway at the University of Georgia. However, UGA students may have to go to their classes a few more days over the next few months than their peers at other universities in Georgia.

UGA's classes in the Spring 2020 semester last from Jan. 7 to April 28. In contrast, the Georgia Institute of Technology has classes from Jan. 6 to April 21, Georgia State University has classes from Jan. 13 to April 27, and the University of North Georgia has classes from Jan. 13 to May 1. The Red & Black asked UGA students how they felt about this discrepancy and, if they disapproved, how they would adjust UGA's Academic Calendar.

Malan Anderson is a senior management information systems major.

“I would just recommend having less days overall in the schedule if that was possible because we do spend more days in a classroom than every other school pretty much in the state of Georgia. So, I would say, it’s possible to limit [the number of days in school], first and foremost … I guess going back [to school] later would be better [than getting out earlier] … I feel like there isn’t much going on in the month of May. I mean, study abroad is the only thing I can think of that would be affected. But a lot of internships don’t really start until June anyways, so I feel like you could push [the semester] back a little bit further and get people enough time to take a breather in between the two semesters. I feel like Winter Break is really short and can be overwhelming.”

Maitri Patel is a freshman political science and intended economics double major.

“Initially …. It sounds like it might be unfair because we have to work a few more days, we probably have more assignments … But, I think in the long run, it just helps us because that means teachers can spread the academic curriculum out over a longer period of time, so it’s less stressful … So I would say that it’s actually better [to have more academic days than other Georgia universities].”

Mac Hoyland is a senior marketing major.

“I would want less days if there’s other, competitive colleges that are attending less days. I did notice that we do have more days of school this year total than we had last year … And so I don’t really like that, so I’d like less, if possible … [If I were to make a change], we would get out earlier so that we’d have less days in April.”

Jimmy Cochran is a sophomore financial planning major.

“I have friends from other colleges. They’re not starting until [Jan. 13], and they get out earlier than we do. I find it rather crazy that we’re starting back this early, but, at the same time, more days to go to class and learn, I guess that’s not too bad … I like being back with friends, so it’s not too bad … I’m fine with [the current UGA Academic Calendar], but, if I was to [adjust the UGA Academic Calendar], it would be to push [the start of the semester] back later, closer to [Jan. 13] like what UNG is doing.”

Shawn Ohuabunwa is a freshman exercise and sport science major.

“I would just want to know what their intent and their purpose was with adding the extra days. I feel like [GT and Georgia State] are both very good institutions, especially Georgia Tech – an excellent academic institution. And if they’re still able to complete all they need for their students to complete and excel and do well in a shorter period of days, I feel like it’s just a waste for us to be on campus earlier when we could still be on Christmas Break right now like [Georgia State] is and be able to spend more time with our families and friends … I would probably keep that same end date. I think that’s pretty good because that leaves most people free for the majority of May … I would start a little bit later … [Georgia State] is starting on [Jan. 13], we could have like six days more of Christmas Break that we could be spending at home with our families.”

Tim Kim is a junior computer science major.

“It depends on the class that I’m in. If the classes are actually required to make use of those days, then I guess I wouldn’t mind as much. But sometimes if the material is able to be covered in a lesser period of time as effectively as, say, the class days that the other schools have, then [I don’t like it as much] … [If I had to shorten the semester, I would] personally start a little later. Essentially, getting right off the holidays, it felt slightly abrupt going back to school so early after the new year.”

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