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From left to right: Janet Miller, Kaitlyn Catapano, Manmitha Neelam, John Adams and Will Evans.

As final exam season rolls through, University of Georgia students are frantically trying to review everything they need for their tests. The university gives students a reading day to prepare for exams, but some schools like Harvard University give their students a whole week to study. The Red & Black decided to ask UGA students whether they would prefer a longer reading period or like the current system.

Janet Miller is a junior cellular biology major.

“I would definitely prefer a longer [study period] just because of the fact that I am a [science, technology, engineering and math] major, and I have a lot of science classes. And it’s a lot to compact in just a couple [of] days.”

Kaitlyn Catapano is a sophomore health promotion major.

“I like it as it is because it means we finish our finals sooner. I think having Thanksgiving at the end of November and then just a few days of classes before starting reading day and then finals was really helpful. I wouldn’t want to have a whole week off to study because that would just prolong our semester.”

Manmitha Neelam is a junior management information systems major.

“I don’t really mind the current system … Currently, I’m an MIS major, and I feel like the finals and the projects and teachers, they all make it so that we have enough time between the end of the classes and right now to study … I wouldn’t want an extra week of school that would add to it.”

John Adams is a senior biochemistry and molecular biology and psychology double major.

“A week wouldn’t hurt. I don’t know how productive the week would be though, so it’s hard to say … it might push people getting back home later for Christmas which could be a problem especially for people that work in-state and had to fly … I don’t know that I see a lot of benefits. I think a lot of people would just procrastinate until the end.”

Will Evans is a junior international affairs major.

“I don’t think I’d want a whole week, but I think it would be good to have more than just one day. Maybe have Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday [in class], and then maybe have the rest as kind of a dead week.”

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