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From left to right: Sonu Koduri, Ryan Patel, Lauren Anderson, Abdul Sayed and Emory Moorman.

With the rush of the start of the semester now over, students have begun to settle into their classes. An important part of these classes is textbooks. Textbooks are often a vital resource for learning concepts and studying before tests. However, they can be expensive. According to College Navigator, the estimated cost of textbooks was $986 for the 2018-2019 academic year at the University of Georgia.

Now that students have finished buying their textbooks for this semester, we asked them if they think the costs are too high or justified.

Sonu Koduri is a sophomore biology and psychology double major.

“It’s a problem for students. I don’t think a lot of people can afford to spend that much on textbooks, especially considering all the other costs that students have to pay for… there should be a better way to get textbooks.”

Ryan Patel is a senior management information systems major.

“I think it becomes a problem for a lot of students, especially when tuition is already as high as it is. Having to pay close to $1,000 is pretty crazy.”

Lauren Anderson is a junior atmospheric sciences major.

“Honestly, I haven’t had to buy any textbooks this semester, especially since I’m past a lot of my core classes where you don’t have to pay for access codes or anything to do your homework. So I haven’t paid anything this semester for textbooks, but, if people do have to buy their textbooks, I wouldn’t call that affordable.”

Abdul Sayed is a freshman computer science major.

“I think it’s not affordable. I’d say that usually you can try to find textbooks [in] other ways. That’s what I hear students doing, including myself. And, I think, yes… textbooks should be priced a lot lower than it is right now.”

Emory Moormon is a freshman who has not yet decided on a major.

“It does seem like a lot, but, if you’re coming to a college to improve your education and that’s what it takes, then you should be willing to spend it. But I didn't have to spend that much.”

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