Millenial Job Market MOTS

From left to right: Madeleine Stoffle, Wes Shin, Nasor Clough, Doris Lee and Joshua Pickens.

The economy is exceptionally strong right now, but that doesn’t mean that everyone is excelling. While fresh out of college or still in school, millennials may struggle to find jobs for which they qualify. Further, where millenials live could affect their job prospects. According to a study by Zippia, Georgia and several other states in the South rank among the worst places for millenials to live, and unemployment was a criterium used in the analysis. Based on this information, The Red & Black asked University of Georgia students their experiences with searching for jobs.

Madeleine Stoffle is a junior chemistry major.

“I would say [the job market’s] pretty competitive, especially the science fields. They’re looking for really high expectations and really good experience, but … If you need experience to get a job, it’s hard to do that.”

Wes Shin is a junior management major.

“It seems pretty available to people with a college education, at least for internships … Of course, UGA makes it easy. They have a lot of resources to help you help you find internships … If it wasn’t for that, then I’d definitely say I wouldn’t know where to begin or I’d say it’s pretty hard.”

Nasor Clough is a freshman computer science major.

“It’s been pretty easy, I would say … I would send in 10 applications or maybe five, and then maybe out of those I would get two responses back and then get the job. Those are just part time jobs, so it’s not really too difficult for me, personally.”

Doris Lee is a freshman biology and psychology double major.

“Well, clearly, [the job search process isn’t] easy for me because I’m a first-year student and I don’t have a lot of experience … I applied to all the research internships because I’m a pre-med student, and, clearly, they would probably want someone with more laboratory experiences, but I don’t have that. So, I mean, it’s not that easy compared to sophomores and juniors who are also applying to the same internships that I’m applying to.”

Joshua Pickens is a senior real estate major.

“My route has been a little bit unconventional … After school, I’m pursuing acting, which is totally different from real estate, so it hasn’t been necessarily a struggle to find a job because I’ve been out of the interview process just because you don’t necessarily have an interview [for acting jobs] … I have been able to get some jobs.”

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