Impeachment Inquiry MOTS

From left to right: Heather Mcabee, John Jurgens, Cherokee Barefield, Abdalla Hassan and Vikas Kunchala.

Following a whistleblower complaint that President Donald Trump asked the President of Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden and his family, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced an impeachment inquiry into the president. During the impeachment inquiry, the House Judiciary Committee must investigate the president to determine if there is enough evidence to draft articles of impeachment for the House to vote on.

Given the gravity of the situation, The Red & Black decided to ask students how they felt regarding the decision of House Democratic leadership to open an impeachment inquiry.

Heather McAbee is a sophomore public relations major.

“Yes, I do [think the House should start an impeachment inquiry]. I agree with the process that they’re going through. I think the investigation should have happened … a while ago. So I agree with the process that’s happening.”

John Jurgens is a senior.

“I support it. I don’t see much harm in an inquiry, at least. I think it’s definitely something that needs to be looked into for sure.”

Cherokee Barefield is a freshman biology major.

“I would [support an impeachment inquiry] because what he [President Trump] did sounds unethical, and he shouldn’t be contacting the Ukraine over that and investigating another hopeful president candidate. This sounds unethical, so I think that, yeah, I would support the impeachment.”

Abdalla Hassan is a senior psychology major.

“Yeah, absolutely. I think that’s something they needed to do a long time ago … he did a bunch of things. The fact that he had a lot of investigations on him. The obstruction of justice investigation and the Mueller investigation and all that. The fact that he’s not even delivering on any of his promises. I think he should have been impeached a very long time ago. Even his promises are not good.”

Vikas Kunchala is a master’s student studying artificial intelligence.

"There are not really a lot of countries where the public has the power to vote the leader out … and America does have that process … and there’s nothing wrong with an inquiry … I also feel that because this has put a light on Joe Biden … there should be a way to do some kind of inquiry into this guy’s background as well … but right now, the point of interest is the person who is in power."

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(4) comments


Churning them out like bots.


Why don't you interview some of the boys at the AGR frat. Capitalism built your school. Grow up.

Kadius Suidak


This is supposed to be a University and you have childish little figures to help you express your unhappy moment.

Does the word "taxes" send shivers up your spine? Wait, do you have a spine?

How about working, laboring that is, no party or latte sipping time included, like 70 hours a week.

How about the thought of "no vacation this year" or last year?

Maybe single family income and still paying your own way, for your own insurance and going out to eat is a treat. Get this, and being okay with it.

You are clueless and the sad part is I doubt you'll pay your own way and I'll have to put off my earned retirement because of the teathered minds such as yours.

You are truely why our countries cold war may just inch a step closer to a physical division.

Bed wetting was never a thought at UGA, I may have to change my mind unless some with a backbone stand up and point to you and your minions and tell you to shut up, and start paying your own way in life. Start with the college debt you signed up for.

Kadius Suidak

Did the sensationalist writing this article actually leave thier little safe circle to find these shallow responses?

No meat, just fluff.

Why do you think, explain specifically why.

What exactly constitutes your reasoning, what law was broke, what legal standards can you offer to substantiate your "feelings"?

Does this remotely sound familar "after the election I'll have more flexibility"? "You can keep your doctor", "I was unaware of the private servers existence". These are all lies byba sitting President, recorded and these are but a small portion of such.

Wrong is wrong and if the sitting POTUS did something worthy of impeachment he better have better accusor that the fluff blown out in thia article and the seemingly planted and overwhelmingly ignorantly embarrasing ensemble.

Go back home, reporting and journalism are not in your DNA.

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