student voices feb 27

The students who shared their thoughts this week are (top, left to right) Maria Stagliano, Russ Page (bottom, left to right), Kayona Meade and Taarini Nayar. 

Taarini Nayar

"So I deliberately avoided eye-contact with all the SGA people outside so I know nothing about their platforms or what they’re doing. I think one of them is called Empower because I saw the sticker. But I do not know the people who are running or what their platforms are for this year. Historically, I have not been super in tune with the different platforms. Usually I think at this level I don’t see a wrong platform. I’m much more well-read on general politics I have never been that invested in school level politics. And that’s more like...I just never feel like there’s a wrong platform to have as a student body candidate. Because I think they vary much by the population and their terms are a year long, so anything they do I’m like, “OK cool, you did a good job.” I don’t tend to look at it in the lens of other politics." Taarini Nayar is a senior digital marketing major. 

Kayona Meade

"I personally don’t know that much about SGA. I know they try to be very open and branch out, and talk about all these things that are happening. Personally, I don’t check UGA stuff that often, so I don’t know much. As for issues I’d like for them to handle, probably parking. That’s number one. But besides that I don’t really live on campus anymore, so there aren’t a lot of issues that I can think of right now, and parking is my number one issue." Kayona Meade is a senior digital marketing major. 

Russ Page

"I think it’s really good to have someone represent us, the students. For policies, I don’t particularly know anything other than buses or more parking because that’s a biggie. I came from another college and parking is still a problem here. But other than that, I think everything else is fine.” Russ Page, third-year chemistry and minor in biology." Russ Page is a junior chemistry major minoring in biology. 

Maria Stagliano

"I don’t know, I hear about what SGA is doing, and we just had someone who helps with SGA come into our class and talk about their initiatives, and all their initiatives in my opinion are really shallow things ... Talking about the fact that they extended the [ArchPass verification] and talking about the extending the hours you could park in a deck are nice things to do on campus, but why aren’t we hearing more about ways to promote differences in diversity of thought and the student body and how we can do more outreach in our community, or how we can do more important things than what these students are talking about doing. I feel like if you’re in a position where you’re representing the whole school, you should probably focus on bigger things and not representing small things that most students don’t even realize SGA did … I want to hear about how we can be improving our reputation for being inclusive." Maria Stagliano is a senior public relations major. 

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