Don’t take candy from strangers. Don’t get into a car with anyone you don’t know. Don’t walk alone after dark.

My mom used to tell me these things when I was a child. Now as a 20-year-old, I still heed her words.

College is a world full of independence, but many often lose their common sense, especially when going downtown.

Under the influence of alcohol, many inebriated individuals forget that there are human and social limitations to their actions.

No you can’t fly, so jumping off a balcony isn’t the smartest idea.

Perhaps this is why so many crimes occur under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

And not just the usual ones like drunk driving or public urination, but sexual assault as well.

Incidents at fraternity houses don’t just randomly happen.

Being an avid partier, particularly at Greek functions, I know that fraternity men aren’t going to force a girl into his loft and assault her.

Yes, there are instances of putting something in the Hunch Punch that shouldn’t be there, but the first step to prevention is remembering to not take candy from strangers.

Free booze is great but it comes with consequences such as hangovers, vomiting and a clouded mental state.

Even though there are bad men in the world who hurt innocent people, the first step in self defense is knowing one’s own restrictions.

Ladies are the weaker of the two sexes and need to arm themselves accordingly.

Girls, you have to stay sober enough to protect yourself. It’s impossible to use pepper spray if you can’t see straight.

Be sure to watch drinks when they’re concocted to make sure something isn’t slipped into the mixture.

By the way, Will Childs, what happened to those coasters that test for roofies you wanted to put in the bars downtown? I liked that part of your campaign, let’s make that happen.

People involved in such situations are not necessarily morally depraved. Often, these are actions they would not have taken if they had been sober.

There have been quite a few shackers that have regretted seeing the person they took home the next morning.

The alleged Sigma Pi incident started with two people that had too much to drink, a situation that could have been avoided if their friends had kept them in check.

Greeks need to protect their brothers, sisters and the rest of their friends from endangerment.

Not only on behalf of the organization and the Greek community, but out of common decency.

When going downtown, call ahead for a sober driver and make sure a friend is there to baby-sit if things go awry.

That guy at the bar might seem like Orlando Bloom but he could be another Joran Van der Sloot. (Van der Sloot was the primary suspect in the disappearance of Alabama teenager Natalee Holloway).

You might leave the bar and never be seen again.

Holloway’s disappearance this summer should be taken as a warning to all single women.

Collegiates who are out and about during the wee hours of the morning need to make sure they have a safe ride home.

Holloway’s friends in Aruba should not have allowed her to go off with a stranger without knowing where she was going.

Van der Sloot was released from police custody and is free to start school in the Netherlands.

Holloway is still somewhere in Aruba, unable to attend the University of Alabama. I would hate for that to happen to anyone at the University.

For more information on safe partying, visit


— Lauren Morgan is a junior majoring in publication management and a news stringer for The Red & Black

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