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The Donald

Ps. To the student that got busted...you should have told them to kiss your butt and stand up for what you believe in. Don't let them make you feel sorry over something as ridiculous as marijuana. That's how they are able to win and continue to carry out their extortion and cultural repression. It doesn't matter how sorry you are...they are still going to hit you with that felony. They don't care about you at all...only your submission to their will and the revenue that you bring them.

The Donald

Here we go again...a couple dumb asses get busted and now all of a sudden marijuana is the big bad wolf. The article also says something about student grades falling because of marijuana? That's funny.. I know law students and people in masters programs that do just fine and smoke marijuana every day. This marijuana witch hunt is a complete joke. Just look at what booze does...which is so much worse than marijuana has been and will ever be. I think students and professionals should start making judgments based on facts and not Georgia Hillbilly mythology. Marijuana is not terrible for individuals or society. It becomes terrible when stupid irresponsible people hold of it (like fast food.) Meanwhile the courts use it to extort people and they don't hesitate to mark someone for life because they found them with marijuana. Just ridiculous. By the way, good job red and black. You just became the mouthpiece for hillbilly mythology and repressive, antit-cultural, and outdated laws. How about standing up for the truth with facts and stop siding with outdated laws that do more harm than good in society.

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