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A team of University of Georgia College of Education researchers received a $360,000 cooperative agreement to evaluate gifted education programs around the world in U.S. Department of Defense schools, which provide education to children of military families.

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In the wake of the events in Ferguson, Missouri where police in full riot gear took to the streets with military-grade equipment to manage protesters and the ensuing violence, and after several botched police raids in different parts of the country over the last few years, a media frenzy has drawn attention to police behavior and sparked a substantial amount of criticism.

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WASHINGTON D.C. -- A stark and sterile sound has swept across the National Mall in Washington D.C., after the federal government shutdown on Tuesday closed its Smithsonian museums.

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They’re everywhere, and they’re proving to be nearly indestructible — and humans made them.

Perfluorocarbon chemicals are used in everything from carpet manufacturing to firefighting, but the problem is once they’re released into the environment, they’re hard to get rid of.