Financial Independence & Transparency

The Red & Black was founded in 1893 and operated as a student organization at the University of Georgia. In 1980, student leaders at The Red & Black successfully secured independence for the organization from The University of Georgia and The Red & Black Publishing Company, Inc. was established as an independent 501(c)3 nonprofit.

As an independent student news organization, we receive no funding from UGA student fees or the administration. We fund ourselves through advertising and donations.

Financial and Editorial Independence

Independence means  Red & Black journalists can cover UGA without censorship or pressure from the university. Decisions about coverage are made by our student-led newsroom.

In addition to independence from UGA administration, the Red & Black newsroom operates independently of pressure from advertisers, donors or sponsors. We believe in strictly maintaining the "church and state" separation of advertising and editorial. You will not see "advertorial" coverage in our pages and on our digital platforms. Many of our advertisers are Athens-based businesses and services, but we do not promise favorable coverage - or any coverage for that matter - based on client status. We also don't penalize any businesses or organizations that choose not to advertise with us. Some departments or units within UGA choose to advertise with us and they are treated with the same lack of bias as any other advertising clients.

The Red & Black Publishing Co. also employs a small non-student staff. The roles of those staffers are to support the two-fold mission of the organization: offering students hands-on training for future careers in news media and serving our readers with excellent, unbiased news and information. Staff assist, train and support students in all aspects of our organization, from reporting and writing to advertising sales to business-office administration. Our newsroom advisers offer feedback on published content, and in advance if requested, but the newsroom is not subject to prior review. The professional advisers also offer hands-on training and feedback on the production of our family of specialty publications.

The Red & Black Publishing Co. is overseen by a volunteer board of directors. The board hires the executive director, the student ad manager and the editor in chief. Those three people serve as ex-officio members of the board. 

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Fiscal Transparency

Any paid advertisement or sponsorship is clearly disclosed. As needed, ads are labeled for clarity. All digital and social media ads or promotions are clearly identified as such.

We also disclose major donors to the organization. We don't accept anonymous donations over $5,000, and of our regular donors, we ensure that fewer than 5% are anonymous.   

As a news organization, we seek transparency from sources we cover. Likewise we believe in being transparent to our readers and community. Our major donors and recent tax filings are listed below.

The Red & Black Publishing Co. commissions an annual independent audit. We have conflict of interest policies in place for everyone in our organization, from unpaid trainees and contributors in the newsroom to our board of directors.


Major Donors


$8,000 | Don. E. Carter Bequest (administered by Grady College)

$7,000 | Google News Initiative | Journalism Emergency Relief Fund


$8,000 | Don. E. Carter Bequest (administered by Grady College)


Recent 990 Filings

NOTE: Our fiscal year runs from June - May. So fiscal year 2018, for example, would be the period June 1, 2017 - May 31, 2018.














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