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This year has been hard. The Red & Black has spent the last year covering the good, bad and everything in between, and the community has shown up in ways we haven't seen before. The Red and Black is creating a section in our newspaper to celebrate the community and samaritans who make this place Athens.Beginning in March 2021, The Red and Black is launching a Community Spotlight to highlight samaritans in our community. We aim to include diverse voices and promote community engagement. The initiative is a product of our new Diversity & Inclusion Committee.So what do we mean by diversity? We want to cover anyone and everyone living in and around Athens. We’re not looking to cover a specific demographic. We want to represent and cover the community as it is. What’s our goal with this initiative? We want to strengthen the community by unifying it. We also hope to raise awareness of the people and resources available to help in more ways than one.So who qualifies for a nomination? It’s open to anyone who lives in Athens. This includes UGA undergraduate students, graduate students and Athens residents. We’re looking to feature someone who has made an exceptional difference in Athens and someone who doesn’t get enough recognition for their work. The interpretation is inherently open, while focusing on overall good impact of the community and selflessness — the local MVP, if you will. Someone who goes above and beyond to help others where needed. Someone who is inspirational. An essential aspect of our featured samaritans is a type of long-term action involved. How can you nominate someone? We’re launching this online form to receive nominations. Fill the below form out to nominate a community member, and please reach out to the following staff members with any questions about the process.Happy nominating!

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