The Royal Peasant is a bar in the middle of the Five Point neighborhood resembling an old English Pub and is one of the best locations to watch the World Cup in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Tony Walsh)

Royal Peasant

The Five Points English-style pub is a mainstay in the Athens soccer scene, showing every Atlanta United match and every World Cup match during their daily hours. The TVs are always on whatever soccer game is happening at the time. The outdoor seating is great, and every seat has a good view of the TV. The inside is quintessentially British, quaint and adorned with soccer memorabilia. Atmosphere aside, its take on traditional pub fare is great, and, much like the UK, the kitchen makes a good curry. A proper spot to watch footie with the lads.


The Globe

For a downtown bar you won’t be ashamed to enter before 10 p.m., try The Globe. The Globe offers a traditional UK pub vibe in downtown Athens. With an extensive sandwich and burger menu and plenty of veggie/vegan options, it’s the perfect place for soccer fans downtown. They also have a great drink selection and offer specials if you come wearing team colors.

The Office

Another downtown option makes up for its lack of Euro-themed charm with its crowd pleasing ability. There are TVs everywhere, so there are no bad seats. With good wings and burgers, The Office has all the standard fare of a typical American sports bar. The Office also has a decent drink menu and happy hour prices. The main drawback is the lack of vegetarian options — the only veg-friendly foods are salads and a few of the appetizers.

Rí Rá Irish Pub (Atlanta)

If the most important aspect of a USWNT game for you is the supporter atmosphere, Rí Rá is the closest option that is home to an American Outlaws supporters group chapter, the nation’s largest U.S. Soccer supporters group. The Atlanta chapter is currently the closest, but they are taking applications for new leadership to reignite their Athens chapter. Until new leadership is found, Rí Rá is the nearest sponsored venue.

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