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The UGA Club Sports Complex sign is shown in Athens, Goergia, on Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2016. Now that Georgia football's new facility is finished, many teams are able to return to the Club Sport Complex for regular practices. (Photo/Casey Sykes, www.caseysykes.com)

For the first time in nearly a year and a half, the club sports teams will be able to use their own complex again for practice.

The fields at the club sports complex have been occupied by the Georgia football team for the past season.

Construction for the new indoor practice facility, which began in December 2015, took over the fields that the football team usually practiced on, forcing the team to practice elsewhere.

Because the football team was using the club sports complex on South Milledge Avenue, the club teams resorted to practicing where they could, the majority being at the intramural fields on campus not too far away. The men’s lacrosse team is one of those that has been practicing there and seems excited to return to its own complex.

“Coming in as a freshman, we practiced there,” senior attackman and captain Phil McCarthy said. “It has kind of a sentimental value. [The intramural fields] always felt like, not a substitute, but there’s just that sentimental value that comes with the [club sports facility] field.”

This seems to be a common opinion around the team, as fellow teammate, senior midfielder and captain Jon Newar agrees, although he does add that there are still positives of practicing on the intramural fields.

“We don’t get rained out as often,” Newar said. “The old field was a bowl-shaped type of thing, with the field at the bottom that would get rained out all the time with standing water.”

When asked if one was more convenient than the other, both players agreed the intramural fields were slightly closer, but at the end of the day, the longer drive was worth playing at their own field. They then shared a laugh, apparently at an inside joke about the “quality” of their field.

Head coach Billy O’Haire said the two players “hit it right on the head.” There is a special value to the club sports facility that the players agree the intramural fields do not provide for the team.

Men’s and women’s lacrosse, as well as many other club sports teams such as rugby and soccer, have the option of returning to the club sports facility now that the football season is over. They can also opt to stay at the intramural fields, which some consider more convenient than the other facility.

The club teams who choose to return to the club sports complex plan to move practice back out as soon as they see fit.