Georgia freshman Anthony Edwards (5) makes his way down the court. The University of Georgia basketball team faced The Citadel to take the win by a score of 95-86 on Nov. 12, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Kathryn Skeean, kskeean@randb.com)

A few names have dominated the stat lines in Georgia men’s basketball’s first two regular season games, but there are still a few key things missing, head coach Tom Crean said.

“Nobody has taken the way with communicating,” Crean said. “We’re a quiet team, and we’ve got to break it.”

Freshman Anthony Edwards scored 29 points Tuesday night in the Bulldogs’ 95-86 victory over the The Citadel, as well as 24 against Western Carolina on Nov. 5. Fellow freshman Savhir Wheeler led the team in assists against The Citadel with a total of eight.

Tyree Crump “rebounded when he wasn’t worried about missing shots,” Crean said. Crump only had three rebounds in Tuesday night’s matchup and five against Western Carolina. Crean also said that Donnell Gresham tried to show some leadership on the court Tuesday night, as he put up 13 points for the Bulldogs.

For Crean, impressive stats don’t make up for what he sees as a team that doesn’t talk enough.

“I’m really not going to give anybody the gold star for leading the way with communication or taking the bull by the horns inside the game,” Crean said.

Edwards said that one of the ways he aims to keep his team talkative during the game is with his emotive celebrations after a basket.

“Some of it … is about keeping my team in the game,” Edwards said, and gestured to Gresham sitting to his right. “[Gresham] gets real quiet, keeps to himself, so I try to keep him in the game.”

Rebounding was also on Crean’s list of elements of the game that Georgia needs to work on.

“I said this back when the fall started: How are we going to get our rebounding right? That's what we got to continue to build on,” Crean said.

Georgia had 36 total rebounds Tuesday night — 26 defensive and 10 offensive. In their previous game against Western Carolina, the Bulldogs totaled 52 rebounds. Rayshaun Hammonds led the team with nine rebounds Tuesday night as well as 12 last week against Western Carolina.

“I want to stop the shot,” Crean said. “[And] see a team picture of five guys somewhere in that paint vicinity every time that shot goes up.”

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