The Dawgdocs and Vet Med teams dance at the conclusion of their game. Sanford Stadium played host to the annual flag football championship games on Monday, Dec. 3, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/Ryan Cameron rcameron@randb.com)

The fight for the 2019 intramural flag football championship took place inside of Georgia’s own Sanford Stadium on Monday night. The men’s and women’s leagues came to an end Between the Hedges in front of a crowd of supporters brave enough to test the brisk conditions.

On a cold December night, athletes from four different teams rose to the occasion to deliver two exciting games for the fans who came to support.

In the women’s championship, the Dawg Docs took down the Vet Meds 24-0 in front of a loud and proud supporters section. The fans chanted and screamed to help motivate the Dawg Docs to their third straight intramural flag football championship. Wide receiver Kristen Peagler had a career night putting up two touchdowns and over a hundred yards receiving. Scoring four touchdowns was not an easy task for the Dawg Docs in these ice cold conditions.

“Our fingers were very cold, which made it harder to grip the flags and catch the ball,” Dawg Docs player Lauren Ellis said.

The weather was a major factor on championship night as neither the men’s or women’s championships were high scoring. The men’s final was more of a nail biter as it came down to one last play.

With seven seconds left in the game, Sicko Mode had the ball on the opponents' five yard line down by one point. Favre Dollar Footlong blitzed on the next play and forced an incompletion. This would be the last play of the game, awarding the championship to Favre Dollar Footlong, 13-12.

“It was very cold, but it was worth it,” Joshua Jones said.

The freezing temperatures not only affected the players, but also had an impact on the fans that came to support each team.

Heavy jackets and blankets could be seen in the crowd to keep the supporters warm as well as the occasional hand warmer. The intramural staff were serving popcorn and hot chocolate to players and fans to boost morale and keep people warm as well.

“It is so cool that so many people came to support in this cold weather,” Georgia student Ashley Turner said.

Most of the supporters were students, but some came from out of town to see the finals. Horatio and Desarae Peagler came all the way from Atlanta, Georgia, to support their daughter Kristen on her path to the championship.

Fans like the Peagler’s were able to witness multiple competitive football games as well as a performance by the Georgia club dance team. The video board and loudspeakers also added to the memorable night inside of Sanford Stadium.

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