Fans have had the Alabama game marked on their calendar ever since the 2015 schedule was released, and so have the players.

Yes, it is just another Southeastern Conference game. Yes, the players say they are treating it like any other opponent but the truth is this game has bigger implications for both teams other than just being other game on the calendar. If the fans know how big of a game this will be, then the player and coaches know as well.

No. 13 Alabama has already suffered an SEC loss to No. 3 Ole Miss, and cannot afford to lose to No. 8 Georgia. Georgia is undefeated, and Alabama will be its biggest test of the season. Despite the hype around the game, the Georgia players are confident in their abilities on offense and defense. But they also know that despite Alabama not looking as dominant has it has in prior years, it is still a threat.

“I expect the best team they can possibly put out there,” redshirt sophomore corner back Aaron Davis said.  “They did lose earlier this year so they're probably looking to finish their season out strong so they can make a good case for College Football [Playoff].”

The Alabama defense ranks fourth among rushing defense leaders. Georgia ranks twenty-fourth as of Saturday. The Alabama front seven on defense have proven to be a solid force. The Crimson Tide’s defense held Louisiana-Monroe’s offense to 92 total yards Saturday. Granted the team will be facing a much more talented offense in Georgia, namely Nick Chubb.

But junior offensive guard Greg Pyke thinks Georgia’s running game will look different against Alabama this weekend.

“Fighting for the extra yards. I think that’s what this game is really going to come down to,” Pyke said. “People always see Chubb getting those really long touchdowns but against Alabama I don’t think that is going to happen as much because they just stack the box. Their defensive line is just so good. But those three, and four, and five yard gains are going to really add up and I think that’s what’s going to win the game for us.”

Alabama has a star running back as well in Derrick Henry. He is fourth in the SEC in rushing yards with 422, two notches below Chubb. Henry did not play much against ULM because he was coming off of a battle with tonsillitis last week. But the Georgia players expect him to be ready for the game this Saturday.  And just like Georgia has depth at the running back position so does Alabama. Staying focused one-one-one assignments will be important for the Georgia defense. So much as looking at what is developing in the backfield could cost the Georgia defense a missed assignment.

“They have some great backs in Derrick Henry and Keyon Drake,” Davis said. “It’s easy to be looking into the back field trying to make a tackle and not have right eye discipline and your man can go screaming past you. You never want to get caught in that type of position so I say it’s definitely big in this week to have eye discipline, to know your job.”

The Bulldogs are paying extra attention to the film in preparation for this week’s game. One thing in particular the offensive line is focusing on is not giving up sacks. Alabama is fourth in the SEC in sacks with 11. Sophomore offensive guard Isaiah Wynn is confident that number will go down after this weekend.

“I feel great. As long as we are all on the same page, we are going to be good and we are going to lower that number of sacks,” Wynn said.

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