Head gymnastics coach Courtney Kupets Carter looks at the scoreboard during a meet against Arkansas at Stegeman Coliseum in Athens, Georgia, on Friday, Feb. 1, 2019. The Georgia GymDogs defeated Arkansas with an season-record high of 197.475 to 196.125. (Photo/Rebecca Wright)

Georgia gymnastics posted another low late-season score on Saturday night, finishing with a 196.05 against rival No. 8 Alabama in Tuscaloosa. A low score on bars, where the GymDogs were forced to count a fall, contributed to the low score.

In Coleman Coliseum, things started off on the wrong foot quickly as they competed on bars as their first event on the night. Overall, the GymDogs earned a 48.225 in the event, their third-lowest bars score of the season.

The score was ahead of only the first two meets of the season, the Critique Classic Invitational and the first dual meet against LSU. Heading into Saturday’s meet, Georgia was ranked No. 18 in the NCAA on bars, and it is their lowest-ranking event of the four.

Haley de Jong and Marissa Oakley both fell on bars in the last two slots of the event’s lineup. The GymDogs were forced to count de Jong’s 9.0 performance. The bars performance against the Crimson Tide mirrored Georgia’s meet with LSU, where Oakley and senior Sabrina Vega both fell. 

Prior to the falls, the bars lineup struggled to score above a 9.8, with Megan Roberts posting the highest bars score of the night for Georgia with a 9.85.

Through the rest of the night, Georgia tried to play catch-up with Alabama but was ultimately unsuccessful.

On the vault, the highest score collected for Georgia was a 9.875 by Rachael Lukacs in the anchor position. The GymDogs earned a 49.175 overall score.

The floor and beam routines made a promising effort but was unsuccessful, as the GymDogs collected a 49.3 on beam and a 49.35 on floor. Their floor lineup matched the team’s best road score in the event since their Feb. 7 meet with Arkansas.

“Tonight was definitely a hard loss because you never want to count a fall in your score, but what I saw from this team gives me faith in what they are going to do when it comes to postseason,” head coach Courtney Kupets Carter said. “They fought through.”

Going forward, the GymDogs will come home to Stegeman Coliseum on March 14 to celebrate Rachel Dickson and Sabrina Vega on senior day before they take on Missouri. Then, the GymDogs will move onto the SEC championship in Duluth the following weekend.

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