Georgia’s Sabrina Vega leaps onto the beam. The University of Georgia beat Auburn 197.425-196.350 on Feb. 2, 2020, in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/ Kathryn Skeean, kskeean@randb.com)

A much-anticipated meet for Georgia gymnastics against Florida turned into disappointment by the end of Friday night, as Georgia’s multiple falters and unstuck landings contributed to poor scores in each event.

Ultimately, the meet fell flat early and left much to be desired from the GymDogs, as average or below-average scores became the norm throughout the night, save for a few 9.9s.

In late February, Georgia could not reach the 197 mark and took home a 196.5 to Florida’s 197.8.

It was not the meet the GymDogs wanted against their SEC rivals, but as the meet progressed, each event suffered at least one unstuck landing or fall.

On beam and floor, where Georgia ranks nationally at No. 7 and No. 6 respectively, the GymDogs posted overall event scores that fall within this season’s worst three totals.

“[Landings were] one thing we did work on this week, and they didn't come through for us today,” head coach Courtney Kupets Carter said.

The downhill curve in scores started to accelerate in the second event of the night – bars. The highest score was earned by Megan Roberts with a 9.85. Multiple gymnasts did not stick their dismount from bars, taking a step on the landing.

Beam, a usually solid event for Georgia, fell short on Friday as Marissa Oakley recorded a fall for a score of 9.15. While Oakley’s score was not included in the event’s final score, it was the second-lowest score for Georgia this season on beam with an overall 49.175.

“This is a hard sport, people make mistakes all the time,” senior Sabrina Vega said.

Vega earned two of only four scores that 9.9 on the night.

“Now that the meet is over, we can look back and see what we need to fix,” Vega said. “There were a lot of things that we needed to fix during this week.”

Kupets Carter acknowledged that this week wasn’t where the team needed to score at this point in the season, not hitting a 197 or above.

“We have been building, building, building, and this is just one of those off weeks for the team,” she said.

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