Georgia head coach Tom Crean yells at his players to move down the court and head for the basket as the clock runs down. The University of Georgia men’s basketball team hosted the Mississippi State team to fall with a final score of 68-67 on Feb. 20, 2019 in Athens, Georgia. (Photo/ Kathryn Skeean)

If the stone finally cracks on the 101st blow, then what comes of it on the 102nd? For the Georgia men’s basketball team, the stone dropped and shattered into a thousand different pieces.

The “Stonecutter’s Creed” fit the moment after an uplifting win against Florida on March 2, but the message of perseverance didn’t seem to embolden a listless Georgia team in a 25-point loss to Missouri at home on March 7.

From Feb. 16 to Feb. 27, Georgia teased its fans with the possibility of a win. But for four consecutive games, Georgia couldn’t close the deal. Finally, the Bulldogs had their big win. The celebration included Crean reading a quote called the “Stonecutter’s Creed”, which emphasized the importance of hard work in the face of failure.

But whatever momentum Georgia carried from the Florida win came to a crashing halt at Stegeman Coliseum on senior night.

The Bulldogs shot 25.5 percent from the field, which ranks as the eighth-worst in Georgia history. Georgia scored 14 points in the first half, a season low. The team’s total of 39 points ranked as tied for sixth-lowest in school history.

The Bulldogs were right back where they started.

“It hurt a lot,” forward Nicolas Claxton said.

Head coach Tom Crean saw his players’ disappointment first hand.

“Nobody felt worse than them after the game,” Crean said on March 8. “I don’t think there is any question about that.”

Moving on from a loss like that isn’t complicated, according to Crean. Georgia will gear up for South Carolina on Saturday and leave it at that.

The Bulldogs won’t dissect their own mistakes from the Missouri game, instead choosing to focus on South Carolina film, according to Claxton.

Crean contradicted his star player, saying the film from Missouri will be watched, while also emphasizing the importance of a short memory in times like these.

“You’ve got to move on from it,” Crean said. “You can’t ignore it, but you’ve gotta move on from it.”

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