Men's club lacrosse 2016

How much can you say in 140 characters? According to the Georgia men’s club lacrosse team, a lot.

Jake Sciotto, a sixth-year senior, took over the job of running the Georgia men’s lacrosse Twitter account after teammates were impressed by the clever content and popularity of his own account. Two years later, the team Twitter account now has close to 10,000 followers and tweets on a regular basis.

“It’s a unique voice for a sports team,” Sciotto said. “You don’t really expect your university lacrosse team to be so popular on Twitter.”

Players say that the men’s lacrosse Twitter account has helped to give the team more character and increase publicity for an otherwise lesser-known team.

“We’re really competitive on the field, but off the field, we like to have fun,” said Jonathan Newar, a senior and the president of the club lacrosse team. 

The social media presence has helped to get the name of the team out, while still showing its fun side.

Sciotto has drawn the attention of many by live-tweeting practices, tweeting at celebrities and sharing popular memes.  

He said the best tweets play to the niche audience, which is mainly high school and club lacrosse players.

Yet it is not just this one audience that has responded to the account. The Georgia Swarm, an indoor lacrosse team in the National Lacrosse League located in Duluth, invited Sciotto to take over their Twitter for a night last spring. He was even offered free tickets on the field to the Major League Lacrosse Championships.

But Sciotto says his main motivation is always to help the team. 

“It’s all for the exposure of club lacrosse being more than just the beer league stereotype that a lot of people think of,” Sciotto said.

The Twitter has also helped to attract potential new players to attend clinics and other team events.

“We can put clinics and other events out on the Twitter and thousands of people will know about it in seconds,” Newar said.

Sciotto has embraced his job of running the Twitter account. Teammates and coaches alike appreciate his efforts to publicize the team.

“Everyone’s kind of got their own role [on the team], and Jake’s role is to run the Twitter,” said Billy O’Haire, the head coach of the men’s lacrosse team. “Even when we’re away and he can’t be there, he gets the info from the guys on the sideline.” 

However, as much as he may enjoy it, Sciotto will not be able to run the Twitter account forever. Thus, he has taken on a new protégé who will take over the Twitter someday in the future. Grant DeSelm, a junior, now tweets about half of the time, while Sciotto continues to work with him as well.

“I think it’s cool, to have two guys who have a similar sense of humor and both understand how much reach we have with almost 10,000 followers,” Sciotto said.

As of now, DeSelm does not yet have any concrete plans for the future of the Twitter account. However, the team has already garnered much more support and publicity just in the two years of its popularity. The vision for the Twitter will continue on in DeSelm’s hands throughout the future. 

“We want to show everyone how much fun we have and how serious we are about [lacrosse].” DeSelm said. “We’re just trying to get as many people involved in and around the Athens and Atlanta areas as we can.” 

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