Mollie Belisle (12) smiles at the crowd before the game. (Photo/Jane Snyder, www.janemarysnyder.com)

After only 53 minutes of play and multiple lightning delays, the matchup between Georgia and Georgia Southern soccer on Friday night was determined as no contest. In the time played, Georgia soccer was up 1-0 against the Eagles after a goal early in the second half. 

Per NCAA rules, the game could not be restarted past three hours after official kickoff time. With a 7:05 p.m. kickoff time, the game was called after lightning struck past 9:35 p.m. There hasn’t been a weather-shortened Georgia soccer game since 2009 against Mercer. 

Junior forward Mollie Belisle scored the lone goal for the Bulldogs in the played time Friday night. After tearing her ACL in the 2018-2019 preseason, Belisle made her first appearance back in the Turner Soccer Complex at the start of the second half. She was cleared to play only ten minutes of this game. 

Belisle took the first three shots for Georgia in the second half, with the last shot finding the back of the net after a cross from sophomore Weldon Kolker slipped past the Eagles' last defender and goalkeeper. The ball trickled across the box for an easy pass into the goal on the far post by Belisle in the 52nd minute. 

The first half was plagued by missed shots and opportunities in the box for Georgia. The Bulldogs had twelve shots and eight shots on goal in the first 45 minutes, compared to only one from Georgia Southern. For having more shots, the Bulldogs had less ball possession in the half, with 37%. 

The start of the second half continued the trend of unscored shots as Belisle took two shots from opposite sides of the box, each going high. Only eight minutes of the half were played before lightning was spotted in the surrounding area and a 30 minute weather delay was called.

Because the game was called no contest, Belisle’s goal will not count towards individual or team stats. 

Georgia soccer will take on another in-state rival, Georgia State, on Sunday night in Atlanta. The Bulldogs defeated the Panthers last season 2-0 at home. 

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