Georgia’s first goal against Binghamton came in the 27th minute from junior forward Delaney Erwin (10), who came off the bench and played 60 minutes for the Bulldogs. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

The Georgia soccer team defeated Binghamton 4-0 Sunday afternoon at Turner Soccer Complex. Sunday’s win came only days after the Bulldogs' loss to Purdue on the road.

Georgia’s win over Binghamton was the first win the team has had in nearly a year. Their last win was Sept. 13 of last year against Arkansas.

“I’m excited about the future,” head coach Billy Lesesne said. “It’s good to carry over from what we started to build in the spring. To see that happen in the fall when it really matters, again, I think it’s a springboard for some confidence.”

Georgia’s first goal of the afternoon came in the 27th minute from junior forward Delaney Erwin, who came off the bench and played 60 minutes for the Bulldogs. She was assisted by Dani Murguia.

“It was definitely a little slow to start and I honestly think just coming on, adding a nice little burst of energy was what they needed,” Erwin said. “It was just a good team goal.”

Erwin’s goal was the only Georgia scored in the first half, and Binghamton remained scoreless. In the second half, Georgia extended their lead by scoring three goals and shutting the Bearcats out completely.

The first goal of the second half was scored in the 62nd minute by sophomore midfielder Dani Murguia.

“I think (with) any goal… It’s always a lot of momentum that we have after, especially after already being up 1-0, adding on that extra goal, knowing that when we get our midfielders and our wingbacks forward that we can create some more opportunities,” Murguia said.

Murguia’s goal was followed by two more from Reagan Glisson and Macie Witter in the 73rd and 84th minutes, respectively.

Georgia had a total of 21 shots, and 11 were on goal. Lesesne said that attacking and taking shots was something that he wanted the team to focus on after its loss to Purdue.

“Looking at our stats against Purdue we had more of the possession but fewer shots,” Lesesne said. “So we wanted to be on the front foot a little bit more in the attacking third, and I thought our players did a nice job of that”

Pre-season preparation and the will to win after a road loss combined to propel the Bulldogs to victory today.

Erwin and Murguia both emphasized the importance of pre-season for the team and how the work the Bulldogs put in over the spring and summer translated to their win today.

“Our biggest rule was ‘no complaining’,” Erwin said. “Obviously no one complains all the time, but there will be days where say, you didn’t get a good night's sleep or maybe you didn’t eat as much as you wanted and you’re tired, but you never said ‘I’m tired.’ You never said those negative things. Doing that together, it really changed the entire atmosphere of the locker room, of practice, of everything.”

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