Georgia infielder Savana Sikes (1) bats at a game against Georgia Tech at the Jack Turner Softball Complex on Apr. 17, 2019 in Athens, Georgia. Georgia defeated Tech 7-0. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

Georgia softball faced off against James Madison for the second time this weekend, winning the game in six innings for a final score of 13-5.

Everyone at bat today was on their game for both Georgia and James Madison.

Jordan Doggett, Sydney Kuma, Lacey Fincher, Mackenzie Puckett and Savana Sikes all had one hit during the game, and Sara Mosley had two hits. Mosley is averaging .439 this season at bat. Kuma is averaging .452 at the plate, highest on the team.

The first three innings were action-packed, with the game slowing down during the fifth and sixth innings. In the first inning, Georgia counted four runs, three hits and two errors. Doggett had a home run in the second, followed by Puckett hitting a two-run home run to score Fincher in the third inning.

The game eventually concluded at the bottom of the sixth when Puckett grounded out to first base unassisted, while Mosley advanced to second. Armistead advanced to third and Kuma scored.

Then, Sikes doubled to left center, Mosley scored and Armistead scored. The game ended with Landrum doubling down the right-field line, scoring Sikes.

Georgia will play against Central Michigan today at 3:00 at Jack Turner Stadium.

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