Veronica Burchill, a junior freestyle, butterfly, and individual medley swimmer from Carmel, Indiana, dives in during the evening session on the first day of competition at the SEC Swim and Dive Championships on Feb. 19, 2019 at the Gabrielson Natatorium in Athens, Georgia. Competition will continue in sessions until Saturday. (Photo/Julian Alexander)

The Georgia swimming and diving team will be on the road to Birmingham, Alabama to begin the season against Alabama on Oct. 4. 

Head coach Jack Bauerle is more than excited for the start of a new season and the beginning with a new class of freshmen.

“I have a good feeling about them all,” Bauerle said. “There will be a few mistakes here and there. It’s a new group and a new challenge. I think we are going to be better than we were a year ago.” 

While the Georgia men and women have their opening meet on Oct. 4, training and preparation have been no different. The swimmers always train and practice as hard as they can. 

For senior Veronica Burchill, that means training her hardest and working on improving her leg strength.  

“It doesn’t matter if we meet, we have to stay consistent with our training,” Burchill said. 

While training has been “pretty tough” according to Burchill, quite possibly the hardest part of the battle is competing at an away pool for their first meet. 

“It will be a little unusual because it is not in Tuscaloosa,” Bauerle said. “It’s in Birmingham. I haven't seen the pool, I haven’t been to the pool. I have no idea what it looks like.” 

Baurele said that having their first meet away is not an easy way to start.

Burchill, on the other hand, is confident that the team will have a strong start even at an away pool.

“We’ve started away many times here,” Burchill said. “I don't really think it matters what pool we’re in.”

Following the away week, Georgia will have two weeks off before traveling compete against North Carolina on Oct. 25 and Duke on Oct. 26. As always, training will resume as usual. 

“We can swim fast anywhere,” Burchill said.

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