Georgia player Vivian Wolff hugs her teammate Elena Christofi after winning their doubles set during a tennis match against Mississippi at the Dan Magill Tennis Complex on Friday, March 22, 2019, in Athens, Georgia. Georgia is ranked second in the nation and is the last unbeaten team in the Southeastern Conference. (Photo/Gabriella Audi, www.gabbyaudi10.wixsite.com/mysite-1)

Although the doubles point only counts for one compared to the six possible points from singles play, it has played an integral part in the undefeated regular season for the Georgia women’s tennis team.

Early in the season, head coach Jeff Wallace struggled to find consistency in his doubles pairings. After winning the ITA indoor national championship without winning a doubles point, Wallace tested a new tandem: Elena Christofi and Vivian Wolff.

Besides some practices in the week prior to playing Georgia Tech on Feb. 23, the pair had never played together before.

Almost two months and 13 straight wins later, the tandem is now the only ranked Bulldog partnership and one of the sources of consistency in Georgia’s doubles play.

On the court, the duo complements each other well as Christofi said Wolff has “amazing groundstrokes” and great play at the baseline, which sets up Christofi to play solid and finish at the net.

On the other hand, Wallace said Wolff also brings an improved net game among other things to the table that help her to play off of Christofi so well.

“I think she brings a lot of good power at the right times and I think her doubles game has grown a lot,” Wallace said. “They complement each other just because of each one of their styles and how they set each other up.”

Christofi has been a part of three successful duo partnerships in as many years, with Kennedy Schaffer in 2017, Morgan Coppoc in 2018 and now Wolff in 2019. Christofi thought the success has come from her ability to build chemistry with her partners and have fun on the court, while Wallace and Wolff also cited her immense talent.

“I know she has a lot of talent and in doubles, she knows what’s going on every time,” Wolff said. “She knows how to scrap [it out], and she has an amazing touch at the net, so I think that really helps.”

The two have enjoyed growing closer off the court and they both agree it has and will play dividends on the court.

“If you have really good chemistry off the court, it can help in a difficult situation in a match,” Wolff said. “You’re not gonna play your best tennis every day and if you have a partner there that’s really your friend, then she can lift you up. I think those little details help in tennis for sure.”

Georgia’s doubles play has been great to end the season and makes the Bulldogs a much more dangerous group in the postseason, especially now with their stalwart duo of Wolff and Christofi in top form.

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