Georgia's Meg Kowalski during a women's tennis match against Ole Miss in Athens, Ga., on Friday, Mar. 22, 2019. (Photo by Kristin M. Bradshaw)

The Georgia women's tennis team faced a more difficult day of competition in Day Two of the Bulldog Invitational, ending the day 9-6 across the board.

The Bulldogs went 3-4 in two rounds of doubles this morning against competitors from Florida, Kentucky and South Carolina.

In the opening round, Elena Christofi and Morgan Coppoc were able to come out on top in a tight match against Florida’s Sara Dahlstrom and Sydney Berlin. The pair swept Florida in the last game of the match, embracing after their win.

During the second round of doubles, Ania Hertel and Katarina Jokic took down South Carolina’s Megan Davies and Mia Horvit. Marta Gonzalez and Alee Clayton were able to quickly defeat another Gamecock duo in Corina Spasojevic and Lindsay Tulenko. Both matches finished with identical results of 6-1.

When it came time for the first round of singles to begin, matches were split up between the Henry Feild and the McWhorter courts.

There were not enough umpires to referee all matches at once, so the women on the Henry Feild courts were responsible for calling their own matches using the scoring stands.

The Bulldogs went 6-2 in their singles matches this afternoon.

Both freshmen, Ariana Arseneault and Ania Hertel, finished their matches swifty in two sets. On the other hand, Morgan Coppoc and Marta Gonzalez fought longer for their wins, going three sets each to victory against Florida’s Marlee Zein and Sara Dahlstrom.

Elena Christofi and Katarina Jokic both battled for three sets as well but were unable to finish with a win.

Meg Kowalski fought to stay undefeated in singles against Kentuckys’ Lesedi Jacobs as she closed out day two of the tournament. Kowalski’s teammates stood by her side, cheering her on, until she came out victorious 4-6, 6-4, 6-2.

Kowalski described her performance as patient compared to her normally aggressive style explaining how the match was like a game of chess.

“I was very relieved to finally win that and I look forward to be able to recover for a good match tomorrow,” Kowalski said.

The Bulldogs will conclude the final day of competition for the Bulldog Invitational tomorrow, Oct. 25 starting at 9 a.m.

Head coach Jeff Wallace is looking for a lot of energy from his players as they wrap up their fall season tomorrow. His advice for his players was to compete like it’s their last day playing.

“You don’t know, with everything that’s going on, when it’s going to be your last day,” Wallace said. “Get out there and play your heart out. Play like a Bulldog.”