Hawks Talon GC vs. Wizards Gaming District

Talon GC's Michael "BP" Diaz-Cruz (top right) competes remotely in game one of the team's best-of-three regular season series against the Wizards Gaming District on July 14, 2020. (Photo courtesy of NBA 2K League).

The No. 16 Atlanta Hawks Talon GC fell to the No. 4 Wizards District Gaming in Tuesday’s “NBA 2K” league matchup. With its two-game sweep, the Wizards improved to 9-2 while Talon dropped to 4-7.

Washington started hot in game one, kicking the game off with a 14-point lead. They didn’t let up, finishing the first half leading 41-24.

In a mid-game communication listen-in following their strong start, trash talk rang out from Washington’s squad. They backed it up with their play the rest of the night. 

Despite a surge of scoring from Atlanta to bring the lead down in the third quarter, Wizards answered back with a slew of their own to start the fourth quarter ahead 53-42. 

Atlanta’s Levi “Lee” Lamb and Michael “BP” Diaz-Cruz led Hawks Talon in scoring throughout the second half. The pair combined for 17 points on 8-of-12 shooting, but their efforts weren’t enough to stop Washington, which secured the first game of the best-of-three series 81-60.

"The message going into game two was that we needed to put game one behind us," said Hawks Talon GC head coach Wes Acuff. "Win one game and go to game three."

Acuff's message seemed to get across to Hawks Talon during the first half. They played Wizards much closer, going into the second half with just a 6-point deficit, 21-27. 

Again forced to put the game on their shoulders, Diaz-Cruz and Lamb combined for 39 points, shooting 70% from the field. 

The pair had little help from their three competing teammates. The next best shooter was guard Mykel “Kel” Wilson, who scored 11 points, finishing 1-of-3 from behind the arc. 

Wizards District Gaming, on the other hand, was led by a very strong performance from Mascone. He went 9-for-13 in three-point shots and sank 78% of his shots to tally 47 points against Atlanta.

A healthy spread of scoring from the rest of the Wizards squad helped complete the sweep over Talon GC, with Justin “Just_Awkward” Howell, Maurice “ReeseDaGod” Delaney and Manuel “Newdini” Newman II scoring 11, 12 and 14 points respectively to give Washington the 90-60 win to close out the series.

"Our focus right now is the 6ers," said Acuff. "Our focus is to get that next win on Friday and then focus on the upcoming tournaments." 

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