UGA Hockey vs. Life University 1/12/16

Georgia's forward Christopher Santa Maria (76) defends the puck during a club hockey match at the Classic Center in Athens, GA, on Tuesday, Jan. 12, 2016. (Photo/Jacob Egan)

With the SEC Championship mere hours away from kickoff, the Ice Dawgs knew that the Auburn Tigers were out to beat the Dawgs again at home.

"From our last game, we played Clemson and even the guys from Clemson knew we were playing Auburn tonight," Alex Carey said. "It's a big rivalry and it's like the oldest rivalry in the south...we tried to set the tone early in the game."

The Ice Dawgs knew that they had to set the tone of the game immediately and so they did when the first period started with the first goal of the game scored by Drew Holcombe.

"I actually had one earlier that I got robbed on," said Drew Holcombe. "I thought its not gonna happen today...I just put the puck on net, pushed it through and it went passed the was a fun time."

Then, as the period progressed, the Ice Dawgs began to put on a clinic against Auburn, scoring three more goals in the period. Auburn stayed quiet throughout the period and was not able to score any goals in the first period.

The second period remained much of the same for the Ice Dawgs, outscoring Auburn 4-1 in the second.

Not only did the Ice Dawgs keep up the defensive pressure in the second, but the offense never stopped working, even when the third period started. By the end of the game, three players from the Ice Dawgs scored a combined 9 goals, including hat tricks from both Carter Penzien and Christopher Santa Maria.

"I didn't go out there expecting to score that many goals," Santa Maria said. "It was just nice to be in the right place at the right time."

This win marks the 27th consecutive home victory for the Ice Dawgs which the Dawgs are hoping to continue this home win streak this Sunday against Georgia Tech.

"We just got to take it one game at a time," Carey said. "The big part of our season is coming up...Georgia Tech on Sunday and hopefully stay healthy over the break and come out guns blazing in the next semester."

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