Georgia club hockey beat South Carolina

The Georgia Ice Dawgs faceoff against the University of Florida at the classic center on Friday, October 20, 2017, in Athens, Georgia. The Ice Dawgs won the game 6 to 5. (Photo/Jane Snyder,

The Georgia Ice Dawgs had a feeling going into the game against South Carolina — this game was going to be an aggressive one.

"We beat them by six last time we played them in their house," Alex Carey said. "We know they were gonna come out hard."

The Ice Dawgs (6-1-1) took home the win against South Carolina Nov. 3 at the Classic Center. The win marks the 22nd consecutive home win for the Ice Dawgs. 

As the game between both SEC rivals began, both teams remained relatively calm in the first period. While it was an aggressive period, both teams had solid defense with both offenses trying to find their groove.

Then, as the period was starting to end, Georgia struck first in the game with a score by Caleb Santa Maria.

"I tried to get one in the net and get the boys going," Santa Maria said. "We started out a little weak at first but we knew we had to get one in the net and we'll be good after that."

Before the first period ended, South Carolina was able to score with 24 seconds left in the first period. The goal was scored by Ian Schneider, tying the game 1-1 entering the second period.

While the first period was very calm for both teams, the second period proved to be the period where both teams showed off their offensive capabilities.

From 17:03 to 13:00 in the second period, a combined six goals were scored from both sides.

Georgia scored four of the goals with help from Carter Penzien, Austin Krusko and Stephen Bray. South Carolina scored two goals from 17:03 to 13:00 by Nick Pizzo and Van Dusen.

As the period continued both teams became very aggressive towards each other. There were brief pushes and shoves at the beginning, but it became more aggressive as the period continued.

A full-on fight occurred between two players on each team. Shortly before the second period ended, Drew Holcombe from Georgia started a brawl between him and a South Carolina player.

"He had a hold of my head and it just had to happen," Holcombe said. "We were staring each other in the face, he had a hold of my head and I lost my temper for a bit. I grabbed him by the collar and took him to the ice."

 The Ice Dawgs were on top 6-4 at the end of the second period with scores from Zach Frasch from Georgia and Kranis from South Carolina.

After scoring a goal in the second and two additional goals in the third, Penzien would end the game with a hat trick.

"We just played together as a team and we came out with the W," Penzien said. "I just came out, a lot of credit goes to my teammates giving me the puck... I was able to put it into the net and get the win."

With a few more faceoffs and goals from both sides, Georgia would go on to win the game 9-7.

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