The Jeremy Pruitt era has officially begun.

Three days after former defensive coordinator Todd Grantham left the program to pursue the same position at the University of Louisville, the Georgia football program held its introductory press conference for Pruitt, who is taking Grantham's spot.

“First thing is, you know, you’re at the right school and that coach is important when you have as many folks as you did at the national championship game for the interviews at the press conference,” Pruitt said. “I’m just thankful that I had the opportunity to come to the University of Georgia and hopefully get this thing going.”

Pruitt is coming off a national championship in his first year as Florida State’s defensive coordinator where his team finished No. 1 among FBS teams in scoring defense (12.1 points), second in team passing efficiency defense (93.77), No. 3 in total defense (281.4 yards) and 18th in rushing defense (124.8 ypg).

Even after a national championship season, the allure of coaching at Georgia was an opportunity too good to pass up.

“Well there is no doubt this is the best conference in the country and I feel that the University of Georgia is the best team in the conference,” Pruitt said. “I wouldn’t be here today if I didn’t think that.”

Following the news of Grantham leaving, Georgia head coach Mark Richt held a meeting with his defense to assure them that everything would be all right. Twenty-four hours later he introduced Pruitt to the defense and his introduction was followed with a round of applause. After giving a speech to the team, Pruitt was met with an encore response.

“I had never seen that in a meeting since I’ve been coaching 30 something years,” Richt said.

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So excited about the beginning of the JEREMY Pruitt era. Go Dawgs!

Not so excited when you spelled his name incorrectly in the first sentence in the article. Not cool.

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