Georgia wide receiver Kearis Jackson (10) celebrates after a win against Auburn. Georgia defeated Auburn 21-14 on Saturday, Nov. 16, 2019, in Auburn, Alabama. (Photo/Julian Alexander, jalexander@randb.com)

Kearis Jackson was seen beaming ear to ear with a homemade poster in hand after Georgia’s win over Auburn on Nov. 16. 

“One of the fans had handed it to me, and I was very shocked that she gave it to me,” Jackson said. “I was just representing because it was a big win for us. She was just like ‘here, take it.’” 

Jackson said the woman who handed him the poster must have either brought in supplies to finish it up or already had confidence that Georgia would become SEC East champions before the game even started. 

The redshirt freshman finished the Auburn game with one catch for 13 yards and a first down to keep Georgia’s second touchdown drive marching along with one minute left in the second quarter. Jackson was handed a rush in the third quarter for nine yards to keep another Georgia scoring drive alive.

After coming off the high of what could have been the catch of the season for Jackson, the play he made was called back. In Auburn traffic, Jackson was able to reel in the ball at the edge of the end zone but could not stay in bounds as he was quickly pushed to the ground of the sideline.

Even though Jackson was able to come up with the ball in a difficult circumstance, he said he has had more impressive catches than that one in Auburn.

“I let the defensive back hold me the whole time,” Jackson said. “I didn’t get [him] off me, and I didn’t have enough room on the sideline to catch the ball [or] enough room to stay in bounds.”

Jackson said his energy was running high after thinking he landed in bounds, but when the catch was ruled out, his mindset went straight to the next play. 

Auburn’s defense proved to be tough against the Bulldogs, and Jackson said he felt the effects of it toward the end of the game. This was due to the fact that blocking was a large part of his role against the Tigers. 

“After that game, my whole upper body was sore because it was so physical,” Jackson said. 

Jackson stepped up for Georgia on crucial downs in the Bulldogs’ win over Auburn and was rewarded with the poster after the game. 

Because of the woman who handed him the poster and many others who brought posters along, Jackson said that playing in Jordan-Hare felt like a home game. 

“It was pretty exciting just for her to have the sign at that right moment,” Jackson said. “It was a dog fight, they were big and we had to be ready. [We were able to go] over to Auburn in a tough environment and bring out a ‘W’. That means a lot to this culture and to this team.”

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