Points did not come easy for the Georgia women’s basketball team on Tuesday night against Coppin State. No Lady Dog managed to score in double digits. That is, except for one.

Freshman Mackenzie Engram once again willed her team to victory, posting 20 points in a 49-29 victory over 1-4 Coppin State at Stegeman Coliseum. Georgia is now 8-0, but after putting up its lowest point total of the season, the win did not feel nearly as sweet as head coach Andy Landers would have liked.

“Nobody seemed to be mindful of what was going on,” Landers said. “We’re 3-of-19 at one point and we’re still just firing it up at soon as it touches our hands.”

Engram’s career-high scoring night was overshadowed by Georgia’s 26 percent scoring percentage, a number that did not sit well with Landers.

“They’re not even getting defense set up,” Landers said. “They’re just rebounding it and running it right back down on us.”

Landers took quick notice of Georgia’s main offensive weapon in Engram. After coming off the bench just over a minute into the second half, Engram didn’t sit down again until the clock hit zero.

“She takes pretty good shots, she facilitates other people with passes,” Landers said. “She’s a smart player.

Landers also took notice of a player who didn’t make smart moves on Tuesday. Sophomore Halle Washington fouled out roughly 13 minutes into the game. Fouling out is what got Washington into trouble last season. Landers had hoped that Washington would have learned to stay away from foul trouble by now.

“It’s the same thing every game,” Landers said. “Why wouldn’t you change that?”

The next highest scorer on either team behind Engram was senior Krista Donald, who added nine points for Georgia. She knows things didn’t go perfectly against Coppin State, but a win is still a win.

“We’re always celebrating wins,” Donald said. “Wins are always good, so we just need to keep doing it.”

One thing players and coaches can agree on is that Georgia cannot play like it did against Coppin State if it wants to win the next home game. After a road game at Mercer on Thursday, Georgia will return home to play No. 16 Michigan State on Sunday.

“We’ll have to come out with way more intensity and way better from the outside,” Engram said. “We definitely won’t get the job done if we played like we played tonight.”

Landers takes it a step further.

“We’ll get beat Thursday if we play like this,” Landers said.

On a night where Engram led the team in points, minutes and defensive rebounds, someone else will likely have to step up to be a consistent offensive threat. If that doesn’t happen, the Lady Dogs might not make it another week with a zero in the loss column.

Georgia tips off at Mercer on Thursday at 7 p.m.