Georgia Women's Basketball versus Arkansas

Georgia guard Marjorie Butler (24) is fouled from behind on a fast break by Arkansas forward Jhasmin Bowen (42) during an NCAA basketball game in Athens, Ga., on Thursday, Jan. 16, 2014. The Lady Bulldogs won 60-58.(Photo/Taylor Craig Sutton,

There’s still plenty of hope for the Lady Bulldogs basketball team to make a comeback in the Southeastern Conference.

The team's game against Kentucky Thursday is another stepping stone towards doing just that.

Georgia (14-6, 2-5 SEC) is hoping its similar style of play and speed will help them overcome Kentucky (16-4, 4-3 SEC).

“[Kentucky is] an aggressive, fast-paced team,” junior guard Erika Ford said. “They’re going to go hard for forty minutes and force a lot of turn overs. It’s be a good match up, in terms of getting up and down the court.”

Following a day off on Monday after Sunday's game, Georgia took Tuesday to discuss the importance of the hustle-win correlation.

“I think we have to play harder,” head coach Andy Landers said. “I think we have to make more plays. The run that we built at Alabama, 12 points with seven minutes left, was built off of hustle. It was made off of individual effort more than anything else. And I’m not sure we’re having that kind of hustle for 40 minutes. I think if we had it, we’d have a lot more wins in the win column.”

Last week’s heartbreaker against Alabama is a game to learn from, but Ford said Kentucky is too different of a team to really make a comparison.

“Alabama and Kentucky are two different teams, so you have to come in with two different mindsets,” Ford said. “We just have to go into it, take care of the ball, execute and defend on defense.”

In light of the loss against Alabama, sophomore guard Marjorie Butler is looking for change.

“We need to see change in a lot of areas, and execution is a big part of that,” Butler said. “I think going out there and being on the same page has a lot to do with winning games, as simple as it sounds. So I think if we can pull all that together we really have a chance to compete on Thursday.”

The focus in practice prior to the game had ben execution on offense, Butler said.

“Kentucky is a very strong team,” Butler said. “They have solid post play and solid guard play, and are just an overall good team. They’re going to get up and challenge us offensively, so I think that poses a challenge for us. We really have to execute on offense, but I think that’s something we’ve been focusing on throughout all of our games; that’s not just specific to Kentucky. That’s something we emphasize in practice especially as we prepare to play them.”

The Lady Bulldogs will tip off against the Wildcats in Stegeman Coliseum Thursday at 9 p.m. SPSO will televise the game.