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University of Georgia junior Annalise Reed high fives coach Anna Becker after completing her fences demonstration on Saturday, Feb. 20, 2021 at the G-Day interteam meet in Bishop, Georgia. The Hairy team beat the Spike team with a final score of 15-5. (Photo/Abigail Vanderpoel)

The seven-time national champion Georgia equestrian team hosted its Red and Black scrimmage today in preparation for the team’s upcoming season. The Red Team defeated the Black Team 12-11 during the scrimmage in Bishop, GA.

“I think it’s really important every time you have an opportunity to compete to go out there and compete and they really did that,” said head coach Meghan Boenig. “We talked a lot about the purpose of coming out here today, learning how to compete, learning how to build from one thing to another.”

During the first half of the scrimmage, the Red Team took a victory in fences with a 4-2 victory over the Black Team. Top scorers included Jen Staniloff, freshman Catalina Peralta, Sophia Pilla and the event's highest scorer with an 82, Isabelle Song. For the Black Team, Nora Andrews and freshman Maeve O’Donovan earned overall points.

In horsemanship, the Black Team mirrored the victory with a 4-2 win over the Red Team. Miller Lantis, Taylor Burgess, Leah Anderson and Kaitlin Dierks all brought the Black Team points to lead them to victory. Killian Mullen and Tori Kendle both earned points for the Black Team during the event.

Tied at the half, 6-6, it was down to the second half of each event in order to determine who would win the scrimmage.

Starting up the second half, in flat, the Red Team took the 3-2 victory over the Black Team. With a tie between Stanilof and O’Donovan, no point was awarded for that matchup. Freshmen Jessica Guginsky, Melissa Deryn Foster and Peralta all earned points leading their team to victory. For the Black Team, Ella Bostwick and Rachel McMullen scored.

For reining, both the Red and Black teams tied with three overall points. Top scorers for the Red Team included Allie Ann Wheeler, Sophie Lucas and Jax Bound. For the Black Team, overall points came from Kennedy Bryant, Caitlin Lyons and Isabella Hehr.

At the end of the day, the Red Team claimed the victory by a point with a 12-11 win over the Black Team. The Bulldogs will open their season on Oct. 8 at Auburn starting at 4 p.m.