Terry Godwin's one handed grab

Georgia receiver Terry Godwin (5) makes a catch against Notre Dame in South Bend, Indiana, on Saturday, September 9, 2017. © 2017 Perry McIntyre.

The Red & Black spoke with former Georgia receiver Terry Godwin on a Sept. 18 phone call about his catch in the first half of Georgia's victory over Notre Dame in 2017. He is currently a member of the NFL's Jacksonville Jaguars practice squad after the Carolina Panthers drafted then cut him. He still hopes to attend the rematch between Georgia and Notre Dame in Sanford Stadium on Saturday.

The Red & Black: What sticks in your mind the most about the one-handed catch you had two years ago in South Bend?

Terry Godwin: How the game turned out. [The catch] brought us momentum and really changed the outcome of the game for us, I felt like.

R&B: Did you realize that the referee had called you out-of-bounds when you were celebrating the catch?

Godwin: I didn’t realize it until the defender told me. He just pointed at the referee, and then I turned around and saw the ref. But I knew for a fact that I was in.

R&B: So you didn’t have any reservations or anger because you knew that the replay would confirm what you thought?

Godwin: I knew I had control of it and I knew for a fact that I got my feet in. I knew that once they watched it, they would see that I got it in and that I had control and everything like that.

R&B: Where does the catch rank among your favorite Georgia football memories?

Godwin: Well, it’s my top two. It’s between that one and the Rose Bowl Game, just the game itself. But that play was definitely one to remember. That picture that everyone has is most definitely going to be framed for me and put in my house one day.

R&B: So you don’t have it framed just yet?

Godwin: Well, I do. I have multiple ones. I’m just trying to get a larger one that could fill up a whole wall or something like that.

R&B: Where do you have it framed right now?

Godwin: Right now, it’s back at my mom’s house in my bedroom right over my bed.

R&B: What were the reactions from your teammates like after the catch?

Godwin: I mean, they were excited, but it was kind of normal because I pulled something off like that every day in practice. Just for it to happen in the game, everybody was excited and hyped up. Once I came to the sidelines, they confirmed the catch [and] everybody just went crazy, including the crowd.

R&B: How do you think the Notre Dame game affected that season? The narrative is that it launched y’all to the playoff. Do you think that’s true?

Godwin: Most definitely. What that game did is it showed we can dig down deep and last in the fourth quarter. It really showed what type of team we had, what type of determination we had amongst us. With that game, it showed pretty much what all we could do whenever we get to the playoff.

R&B: How’s life as a Jaguar right now?

Godwin: It’s great. I’m down here with a couple of Florida fans, so we kind of go back-in-forth. But other than that, it’s great being a part of a great team like this. I’m getting to know a lot of people who you’ve looked up to throughout their college years and them being in the [NFL] a couple years. I’m just getting the knowledge from them and learning to play like the pros.

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